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REVIEW: Teriyaki Madness

The Alumni Memorial Union now offers a new food option at Marquette Place: Teriyaki Madness. This location was previously a salad option for students called Power Bowls. Power Bowls gave a healthy option for students. One day, Power Bowls was serving salads and the next, Teriyaki Madness was in its place. Although I never got a chance to try out the salads, I had a couple chances to try the newly opened Teriyaki Madness.  

The first time I went to Teriyaki Madness I was ecstatic, I love Asian food and trying diverse cultural foods. Having an option throughout the day to eat Asian food made me want to go to the AMU every day.  

However, the first time I went I wanted to try the steak teriyaki and fried rice, sadly it was out of both. This was its first week open so it is understandable that they did not know what options would be the most popular among the customers.  

Instead, I opted for white rice and orange chicken. The orange chicken was great, it was covered nicely in sauce and the chicken was cooked perfectly. I would rate the orange chicken overall a 4/5. On the other hand, the white rice fell short. It was not cooked well; it was mushy and clumped together. Overall, the white rice was 2/5 for me.  

The second time I went to Teriyaki Madness my experience completely changed. Now that they have been open for a couple of weeks, they had all the options, even at 1 p.m. I finally got to try their fried rice and steak teriyaki.  

The fried rice was cooked well, it was not mushy, and it didn’t stick together. The steak was also beautifully cooked. They had pieces of steak that they would chop right in front of you and add to your bowl. This meal I would rate a 4/5.  

The serving size of the meal I think is adequate for lunch. At first glance, the bowl looks small and has a small portion of food. However, I tend to eat small lunches so for some it might be considered a small portion. The meal conveniently comes in a plastic bowl with a lid, making it easy to take back to your dorm. However, I would question the amount of plastic that is wasted every day just from Teriyaki Madness.  

Other than the food itself, the service at Teriyaki Madness was superb. There were three workers that all performed their jobs quickly and efficiently. The line moved swiftly and the staff were sweet and polite the whole way. In the beginning, although most students had questions about the menu, they were efficient and knowledgeable in answering every question while also making sure the line moved quickly and smoothly.

Teriyaki Madness is new to Marquette, but so far seems to be a hit among students. Its hours of operation can be found on the AMU Website. Overall, I would rate Teriyaki Madness a 7.5/10.  

This story was written by Aiyona Calvin. She can be reached at [email protected]

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