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REVIEW: Marvel’s “Wakanda Forever” honors Chadwick Boseman

“My ancestors would often say, only the most broken people can be great leaders.”

Finally, after anticipation and excitement, the newest sequel to the series, Wakanda Forever” has been released to the public on Nov. 11. As a Marvel fan, you already know I walked through the doors with a buttery bag of popcorn and my medium Icee. I was ready to see how they would honor the death of Chadwick Boseman, the actor who played T’challa in the first film, and curious as to what new things and characters would be implemented as I sat down in my seat, the lights beginning to dim. 

The movie opens with the loss and honor of Boseman as the primary characters circle around his casket in all white, soon flooding the streets and dancing to music, a traditional way in Wakanda to celebrate the death of their king. I’ve always loved how detailed and dedicated the cast and directors are to finding the traditional way of truly doing things in Wakanda and celebrating Wakandan culture.

Soon after the funeral, the typical Marvel logo is shown, and inside of the words instead of the typical superheroes, its photos and videos of Boseman making the film emotional from the start. 

Going into this movie I truly did not know what to expect other than wishing to find out who would be the new Black Panther.

This lingering question would soon be the last of my worries as this movie consists of a variety of new characters and villains from different lands and backgrounds, old characters coming back from the first film that have heavily influenced the movie, and life lessons that each character learns throughout their struggles. The acting in this film is outstanding as the audience begins to create a connection and feel compassion for each and every character’s struggles and pain. 

When comparing soundtracks from “Black Panther” and “Wakanda Forever,” I absolutely loved what they did with the music.

Don’t get me wrong, the first Black Panther film and its all-black creators were fantastic, but this time around because of the immense amount of cultures and diversity, the soundtrack consists of so many genres, mainly Hispanic and African music. The songs were so good, and the soundtrack features famous singers such as Rihanna, PinkPantheress, Future, E-40, Snow Tha Product, and many others.

I’m going to be honest: at first, I had low expectations for this film, but to my surprise, I loved how things ended up. Each scene took me for a turn, whether it was action, thriller, suspense, love or survival. I also enjoyed the acknowledgment and honor director Ryan Coogler added throughout the movie to Chadwick Boseman – my favorite being a sweet moment towards the end that melted my heart, everyone was definitely cutting onions in that movie theater.

I would rate it a solid 7.8 out of 10, definitely a movie to put on your list! 

This story was written by Isabella Flores. She can be reached at [email protected].

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