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King succeeding on and off the hardwood floor

Jordan King (center right) with her family outside the Al McGuire Center after 2022 May Commencement. (Photo courtesy of Jordan King.)

Jordan King never questioned the idea of attending college. 

“As long as I can remember, I wanted to play college basketball,” Jordan said. “That was kind of the driving force. Of course, you have to get there with school first.” 

Now in her fourth year at Marquette, Jordan has not only earned accolades on the hardwood but off it as well. 

Last May, Jordan became the first college graduate in her family as she earned an undergraduate degree in psychology. 

“It’s really special. Both my parents attempted to go to school but life events happened and it didn’t really work out for them, which is totally okay,” Jordan said. “I think that’s where they pushed me to be better honestly and want something better for myself.”

Her dad, Jeremy, said this showcased her driven mindset and work ethic, two things she has always had.

“To graduate in three years along with being a high-level Division I athlete to me is just astounding,” Jeremey said.

Her dad went to community college for a year before starting a job to support himself. He is now a television truck operator for a sanitary department based out of Rockford, Illinois.

As for her mom, Robin, she did not initially pursue college but did go back for some community college classes after Jordan and her younger sister, Camryn, were born. Currently, she is a patient account manager for five physical therapy locations in Illinois. 

“They have to work for everything we own,” Jordan said. “There’s all these things that we were able to do growing up but knowing that they had to work hard at their jobs and work hard at being a good parent and creating a good family for us. … (I learned that) nothing is going to be given to you.”

The 5-foot-11 guard entered Marquette in 2019 and has had to work for the awards and success that she has seen, just like her parents. 

“Jordan just gets it,” head coach Megan Duffy said. “She takes advantage of every opportunity that’s given to her. She’s always been that person that’s like, ‘Coach, I’ll do it. I’ll buy in.’” 

The Rockton, Illinois native said having the opportunity to play Division I basketball for a program like Marquette has “meant so much” to her.

“It has given me so many opportunities,” Jordan said. “That first one is academically here at Marquette, being so involved with being able to get my degree in three years and starting my master’s has been a blessing. I’m so appreciative.”

Both of her parents said Jordan “couldn’t have nailed it on the head” better with her decision to attend Marquette.

“To see her achieve her dreams and to be able to watch her not only live but on TV is priceless,” Jeremy said. “I can’t really put into words how proud of her we are.”

Jordan said a key part of her decision to come to Marquette was how close Milwaukee is to her hometown. 

“That’s really what I wanted, to be somewhere where my family could come to games and visit often,” Jordan said. “To look up to the stands while we are warming up and seeing their faces, it’s like ‘Yeah my family’s here, let’s do it.’ That’s really special to me.” 

The presence of the King family in the stands extends from the Al McGuire Center, it is common to see them on the road at Butler, DePaul, Creighton and Xavier when possible.

“I personally am one that always believes that tomorrow is never promised and anytime that we can spend time with family, we tried to do that,” Robin said. 

Jeremy said attending road trips began as a thing for their family to do. 

“We wanted to be there,” Jeremy said. “I think it helped her knowing that she could look up, see a familiar face and know that we’re there to support her 100% no matter where she plays.” 

Jordan credits the support from her coaches and the academic support team at Marquette Athletics for pushing her. 

“It was really special,” Jordan said. “Being able to hear my name called, shaking President Lovell’s hand, getting my diploma and walking away being able to know those past three years have really meant something to me. Now I’m part of the Marquette family forever.” 

Robin called the moment her daughter received her diploma priceless. 

“Not only to see her walk across the stage, but we stayed after to see her celebrate with Chloe (Marotta), who she has become best friends with, (and it) was a very special moment,” Robin said. “Extremely proud of her, her dedication and hard work. To do it in three years is amazing.” 

Currently, Jordan is working on earning a master’s in school counseling. 

“I wanted to continue working within a psychology field, working with people and helping people,” Jordan said. “That was the next step for me was counseling psychology, and I’m going to strive to work within schools.” 

She said a driving force of this passion came through community service the women’s basketball team has done. 

“Seeing the youth within the Milwaukee population and finding ways that we have been able to help them — even just put a smile on their face — that’s the most important thing,” Jordan said.

As King continues to achieve new heights on and off the court, there is one defining trait that has been paving her way: consistency.  

“When you’re sort of the first to do something or you’re the one setting an example for others, you want to be the most consistent and hardest working that you possibly can be,” Marquette women’s basketball assistant coach Kelly Komara said. “That transcends to the core of ‘I’m going to be consistent and I’m going to be hard working.’ That is Jordan.” 

This story was written by John Leuzzi. He can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @JohnLeuzziMU.

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