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MU_Swifties tells all in exclusive interview

Graphic by Lily Werner

Marquette Affirmations isn’t the only niche Instagram account Marquette students know “All Too Well.”

Through memes with a Marquette spin, @MU_Swifties on Instagram has been sending us a “Message in a Bottle” since March when they first posted. “The 1” and only MU Swifties joined the Marquette Wire for an exclusive Q&A interview to discuss their account, Taylor’s upcoming album “Midnights” and more.

To find even more Swiftie content, Marquette University Radio is hosting a listening party Oct. 26 at the Annex for Taylor’s “Midnights” starting at 9 p.m. Visit and you may even discover who MU Swifties is.

Since MU Swifties account is anonymous, the Marquette Wire granted anonymity to the account owner.

What’s your favorite Taylor album if you had to choose?

This is so easy, and it’s “1989.” I know it’s a local album. But “1989” has such a special place in my heart because it was a pivotal moment in my life, like middle school. Pop Bible – that’s all I got to say.

What’s your favorite song?

I have to give you a top three because I can’t pick a favorite. Number one is “Style,” and that’s also a local song, and I promise I’m not a local. Number two is “august.” Number three is “The Archer.” And … number four is “Getaway Car.”

How long have you been a fan?

This is a bit weird. I’ve been a fan since “Red” came out because she released “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” on my birthday. I didn’t know that back then, obviously, because I wasn’t listening to it. I became a stan when “1989” came out. “1989” was like that girl. She was doing her thing.

Have you ever seen her in concert?

No. I really, really wish I had but her tickets are really expensive. I watch online.

What made you want to start a Taylor Swift fan page?

This is back when Marquette Affirmations had just happened, it was brand new. I remember I was talking with one of my friends about making the affirmations page and then someone else made it. I was like “No!”

So, I decided to come up with something really niche and something that I was really into … something that my friends didn’t pick on me for, but knew about me. I was like, “There’s got to be more people like me.” And I love a meme that only five people get. Those are the best memes. So, MU Swifties was born.

Were you surprised by the amount of followers that you got? You have over 350.

Yeah, I was very surprised. I remember my first week I gained maybe 20, and then within the next two weeks, I had 100. I know that 300 is not that many followers, but it’s cool to know that 300 people here that get it.

What’s been your favorite post or submission?

That’s really easy. My favorite post is one that I made. I took a video of Taylor Swift in her “1989” era looking around a room very concerned. I put the Marquette fight song behind it. She’s looking around like “What’s happening?”


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How often do you get submissions and how do you decide what to post?

Submissions happen all the time. I don’t post all of them because I think some of them, not to be mean, but they’re not as funny as I wish they were. Maybe that’s mean. I don’t know. I get them a lot. There have been some good ones that have been posted and I do tag the people when I get them.

When I think of ideas, it’s just random. I can be on Twitter scrolling like “Oh my God, this Taylor Swift meme is perfect! I’m going to put Iggy on it, so now it’s a Marquette one.” It just happens when it happens. There’s no specific time of the day or anything. I’m usually scrolling through Twitter and something pops in my head.

Do you think President Lovell or Shaka Smart is a Swiftie?

Oh, Lovell 100%. There’s no doubt, he didn’t put any Taylor Swift on his playlist. I was a little confused there. But you know we’ll get him next time.

Shaka? I don’t know so much about Shaka. He knows probably “Shake It Off” but that’s probably it. That’s okay.

What are your thoughts on Taylor’s upcoming album “Midnights?”

She is going to give 100%. I’m so excited. The genre is the thing I’ve been thinking about the most. Because what can’t she do, but also what hasn’t she done? I think she’s going to give us soft grunge. Ok, Stevie Nicks.

You think it’s going to be like Stevie Nicks?

I feel like she’s going to mix lots of rock with lots of pop. But not rock ‘n’ roll. It’ll be chill. My initial thought was “Reputation” but “Folklore” with it, but now I feel like she’s going to give us real instruments. I think she’s going to give us a guitar, maybe a little synth.

Taylor has lots of Easter eggs and hidden messages throughout her music and social media posts. What’s one theory you have about “Midnights?”

When she released “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version),” she posted a TikTok to it. In the middle of the TikTok, it glitches. I think that was an Easter egg because she is going through a lawsuit with “Shake It Off” right now. The glitch is a prediction that she’s not going to be able to release “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” right now, so the glitch is for “Midnights.”

You’re doing a listening party with Marquette Wire’s Marquette University Radio. How did that come about and what are you planning for the event?

This happened randomly. A while back, I posted a meme  like “What if MU Swifties hosted a dance party and we all dressed up and just danced?” That was a joke, but also not. Then, when “Midnights” was announced, I got a DM from MU Radio and they were like “So what if we did something?” And I was like “Ok.” That’s how it happened. I had this idea in my head but I didn’t think it would actually be even thought about happening. It’s still in the works. We’re hoping everything works out. Hopefully, it’s really good and the turnout is good as well.


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How do we get Taylor Swift to perform at next year’s Homecoming?

I wish I could tell you. That’s all I wanted. If she came and spoke at my graduation, that would be great too! How do we get her to come? I don’t know. I think that if we come to the listening party, she’ll be a little bit more inclined to come visit the population of Swifties at Marquette’s campus.

Patrick Curran contributed to this report.

This story was written by Randi Haseman. She can be reached at [email protected].

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