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BURGESS: Pedophilia should not be normalized

We all know what a pedophile is wrong, right? Apparently not, because there are some people that want to switch the word pedophile with MAP or minor-attracted persons. Some say pedophilia should be a sexual orientation and join the LGBTQ+ community. No, a pedophile is a pedophile, that’s final. 

Prostasia Foundation calls itself a ‘MAP Support Club’, a ‘community for minor attracted people,’ which is an organization for child protection and human rights. They are a safe network for teenagers and adults who ‘self-identify’ as being attracted to kids, or as they say, younger minors. It’s so disgusting, it’s laughable.  Wanting to protect children from sexual abuse is a noble goal, but you cannot do so by permitting pedophilia. 

There should not be a safe space for pedophiles. 

On Sep. 1, Kurt Zindulka, reporter for Breitbart News, wrote about an academic in Belgium who ‘Calls For Tolerance’ for minor-attracted persons in an academic paper. Brecht Vaewaeter, an alias used to protect himself from criminal prosecution, argues that pedophilia should be classified as ‘just another sexual orientation’ and MAP should be accepted. 

Vaewaeter argues that many men and women are “almost” exclusively attracted to minors therefore they should have some support, aiming towards ‘pro-paedophile societies.’ He continues detailing his own history of being attracted to kids, specifically young boys and sexual experiences. 

The academic article is 18 pages full of excuses to legally sexually abuse a child.  MAP is not an acronym that should be used to describe sexual predators. Pedophiles should not be accepted into anything or anywhere, except prison. “Age is just a number,” well jail is just a cell number. 

On Aug. 30, a Snapchat post was reposted on Twitter of Amber Parker, an English teacher in Franklin High School in El Paso, Texas, telling her students to call pedophiles MAP. Sept. 8 Ryan Foley from the Christian Post wrote of the teacher facing termination earlier three days ago. Foley wrote that the school board voted to fire the teacher. 

Now although Parker was fired, a student told his uncle, who posted on Facebook, that Amber was pretending to advocate for this position to prepare her students for reading a book. Parker’s termination shows the outrageousness of promoting and normalizing pedophilia.  

Her supporters commented that what she said was out of context while others in the community believe that ‘minor-attracted persons’ should have been mentioned in the first place. Those that opposed were right. Even mentioning the phrase could influence someone or give some ideas.

As the Boundless Good Project says, pedophilia ‘fuels child sexual abuse’ when those act on their urges, taking advantage of the child. Pedophiles must be kept away from children and receive rehabilitation. They should not be accepted in any way, shape or form. Those who view children as sexual objects are a grave threat to not only our society but this world’s future. 

This story was written by Trinity Burgess. She can be reached at [email protected] 

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Trinity Burgess, Live Broadcast Director
Trinity is the Live Broadcast Director at the Wire. She is a sophomore from Hoffman Estates, IL studying journalism and political science. In her free time, Trinity enjoys painting and she has a twin brother. This year Trinity is looking forward to the people and the events at the Wire.

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