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ALEXANDER: Looking into my collection of Funko Pops

Photo by Sarah Kuhns ([email protected])
Rashad Alexander has a few Funko Pops at his apartment.

This story contains opinionated statements. 

Some people like to collect small things, like coins, magnets and stamps. And others choose books and video games to keep in their household. More than likely, you’ll run into someone who likes to collect something interesting.

For me, my new favorite thing to collect are these small, big headed action figures that aren’t really meant to be played with. And while I’ve owned just a few of them over the years, I just recently started adding more to the collection of these figures that are really making a frenzy in the United StatesThey’re called Funko Pops.

The company “Funko” introduced the Pops! in 2010, which is known for its creations of pop culture collectibles. The figurines all have a distinct look to them, with the small eyes and arms and they are around four inches tall. However, there are around 20,000 different Funkos, ranging from characters from the Marvel Universe, NBA Players, and even characters from the show “How I Met Your Mother.

I discovered them back when I was in high school, when I found Funko Pops of The Flash and Green Arrow, from the CW shows “The Flash” and “Arrow” at a Walgreens. Back then, I was a huge fan of both shows and I needed those Funkos in my room. At first, I realized there wasn’t really much I could do with them. They don’t make any cool sounds or light up in any way. What you see is what you get: Barry Allen and Oliver Queen in their superhero form.

But at the same time,  owning them actually brought some fun to my life. I literally have some of my favorite TV show characters in my room in a miniature fashion, and they were only $12 for each of them? Now, these are something I can really get into, especially because of how inexpensive it is to get your hands on one of them.

A few years after getting those two, my brother gifted me former Cubs players Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant Funkos. Of course, since those two are no longer on the Cubs, this makes the Pops hard to find now. And when they’re hard to find, they’re going to cost more than $12.

Funkos can go for high resale prices, just like shoes and clothes can. They can sell fast depending on events going on within pop culture, like with the most recent Spider-Man film “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

I remember trying to find a Spider-Man Funko at a store that sells them near my house in Chicago, and they told me how everyone wanted them because of the movie.

Recently, I added three more members to my Funko family. I grew up a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog video games, so I had to grab a few of my favorite characters from the series. Currently, I own Sonic, Silver and Shadow. Silver’s probably my favorite one of the three Funkos, just because of how cool his character design is as a figurine, with his quills sticking up unlike Sonic and Shadows. Also, the Silver Funko is a glow in the dark, so his design is shinier than the others.

If you’re thinking about starting a collection, find what you like and stick with it. My collection of Funkos is only at seven right now, but it will most definitely grow as time goes on. No matter what it is, it’s an exciting journey that can really keep your mind off the stresses in your life.  Even when you decide you don’t want to continue your journey, just think about the money you could make by selling those collectibles. In the end, it’s a win win situation!

This story was written by Rashad Alexander. He can be reached at [email protected].

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