‘Bad News Bears’ of Intramural Kickball Tournament


Team 3 Dub after winning the Fall 2021 Intramural Kickball Tournament. (Photo courtesy of George Wong)

3 Dub, an intramural kickball team made up of 13 Marquette seniors, outkicked all other teams to win the 2021 Intramural Kickball Tournament at Valley Fields Nov. 7. 

Senior captain George Wong said the team was determined to pull it together over the course of the two-weekend tournament after starting out the season 1-3-1.

“We’re a great team, all of us are seniors and were definitely hungry to win,” Wong said. 

The regular season consisted of five games before the playoff bracket was created, which featured a small tournament field of three teams.

The playoffs began the weekend of Oct. 30 and ran through the weekend of Nov. 7.

3 Dub defeated Kicking Balls Kickball 5-0 in the championship game Nov. 7. 

“We played the team we lost to earlier in the season so it was like a revenge game. We dominated the game and won 5-0. We did really well on defense throughout the game and our pitches and hits were really good,” Wong said. “We were the first intramural champion to be crowned this year.” 

The team consisted of a bunch of different personalities but it worked out for the team in the long run. 

“We definitely are the ‘Bad News Bears’ of intramural kickball but overall the team is very happy about it,” Wong said.

If there happens to be a spring season for intramural kickball, the team has high expectations for themselves and are looking forward to repeating the championship title in hope of ending their senior year on a high note. 

“The Bucks aren’t the only reigning champions in Milwaukee, we’re out here winning championships too,” Wong said. 

Besides winning, the kickball team became a family where everyone got to know each other and just had fun. 

“We were able to celebrate as a team over at Potawatomi afterward which was really fun to be all together and have a little team bonding,” Wong said.

The team came up with their own traditions and mottos. Before every game they would do smelling salts and the team motto they always repeated was “locked in.” 

Calling him the “right hand man,” senior Matt Benigni is happy about his experience as a senior being a part of something and meeting new friends.  

“Coming on the team I only knew four out of the 12. It was a meshing of friend groups but we were that big melting pot. We all became friends or at least all became closer, ” Benigni said. “What we got out of that season outside of kickball definitely exceeded expectations.” 

This article was written by Hannah Freireich. She can be reached at [email protected]