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March Playlist: Music to listen to on St. Patrick’s Day

Photo by Joceline Helmbreck
These songs can be found on Spotify and other streaming services.

March is the month where the idea of having luck is at its peak. Here are a few songs to listen to this March that include the word “lucky” and can be played for all different moods.

If I’m Lucky

“If I’m Lucky” is a song by Jason Derulo that was released in 2017. The opening of the song hooks you in immediately with a simple, almost muted plucked guitar. Once Derulo starts singing, a deep bass kicks in and adds a consistent beat to the song. The song itself seems to indicate that Derulo misses an ex, but knows that if he is lucky, maybe they will be together in a different life. His lyrics “If I’m lucky I’ll meet you, flipside of the graveyard / ‘Cause things didn’t work out in this life, but someday” indicate that perhaps they could work in a different life. It is a perfect song to add to a running playlist.

Lucky Strike

This song was released in 2018 by Troye Sivan and comes off his album “Bloom.” The song begins with what sounds like a keyboard along with vocals by Sivan. The song has a more relaxed vibe, but when the chorus hits, a bass kicks in and makes it more upbeat. The song is happy and describes what seems to be a growing relationship. With lyrics like “’Cause you’re safe like spring time / Short days, long nights, boy/ Tell me all the ways to love you,” it goes to show it’s a love song where the relationship brings about a high like never before. Lucky Strikes, as referenced in the song, are a brand of cigarettes. Sivan sings “Breathe me in, exhale slow / Take me to anywhere you wanna go” which emphasizes the idea of feeling on top of the world in this relationship. This song is perfect for a spring walk outdoors.

You Got Lucky

This song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers starts out with a catchy drum opening followed by a synth keyboard, following a typical 80s tune. Petty’s voice holds passion as he sings about a girl who is potentially going to leave him for someone better. Petty claims that if she wants to go, she can, but she got lucky when she found him. He sings “Good love is hard to find / You got lucky, babe,” insinuating even if she leaves, she should remember she was lucky with him. The song has a good beat and would pair perfectly with doing some busy work or spring cleaning.


This song is a 2008 duet between Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. The opening is a peaceful, spunky guitar tune paired with Mraz’s voice. When the chorus hits, the two voices blend well together, bringing about a comforting vibe. The song is about being in love, and it being that end all, deep love. With lyrics like “Lucky I’m in love with my best friend / Lucky to have been where I have been / Lucky to be coming home again,” one can feel the love being conveyed. It’s a perfect song for waking up in the morning to cook breakfast and get ready for the day.

“Lucky Ones” is off of Lana Del Rey’s 2012 album “Born to Die.” The song opens with her raw vocals. In true Del Rey fashion, her vocals sound dreamy as well as her instrumentation. The song reflects a relationship that is passionate and from Del Rey’s perspective, the kind that most people look for. With lyrics like “Every now and then, the stars align / Boy and girl meet by the great design / Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones?” it is clear that from Del Rey’s perspective, the two are lucky to have found each other. This song is perfect for an early spring walk to class or to the library.

These are just a few songs that will give you good luck throughout March.

This story was written by Ariana Madson. She can be reached at [email protected].

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