BREAKING: Marquette changes from ‘moderate’ to ‘high alert’ level after rise in COVID-19 cases

BREAKING: Marquette changes from moderate to high alert level after rise in COVID-19 cases

Following the single highest day of positive coronavirus cases on campus, Marquette University changed its COVID-19 alert level from ‘moderate’ to ‘high’ Nov. 6. In-person classes will still continue.  

A Marquette Today email was sent to students and faculty saying the increase in cases is a result of off-campus gatherings where students did not follow university and public health protocols, specifically over Halloween weekend.

Due to the change in COVID-19 alert level from ‘moderate’ to ‘high’, the university is making several changes effective immediately. 

All club and organization meetings must be virtual, including advising meetings, academic meetings, and tutoring. Students can no longer use indoor gathering spaces unless monitored by a faculty or staff member.

The Marquette University Police Department will also be increasing enforcement related to off-campus parties.

According to the email, no cases on campus were transmitted in a classroom or lab setting. Raynor Memorial Library and campus dining halls will also remain open.

There has been a total of 617 positive cases on campus since Aug. 21.

This story was written by Kaylee Staral. She can be reached at [email protected]