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A Decade’s Perspective: Alumni reflect on their lives 10 years after graduation

Now a decade since their time at Marquette, members of the university’s graduating class of 2010 look back and compare their goals and expectations as seniors to their lives today.

“Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” is a common interview question, yet can be extremely difficult to answer. As humans, we often wonder where our lives will take us. We can make plans, but sometimes life goes in a different direction.

Now a decade since their time at Marquette, members of the university’s graduating class of 2010 look back and compare their goals and expectations as seniors to their lives today.

Kyle Radous is a 2010 graduate of the College of Business Administration. He currently lives in New Hope, Minnesota. After graduating from Marquette, he has worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers as a cybersecurity consultant.

Radous worked with PricewaterhouseCooper, a global network of firms that deliver assurance, tax and consulting services for businesses, until two months ago. He is currently married and has a 15-month-old child. He says he’s “enjoying the home time.” 

Radous graduated from Marquette in December 2010. Upon graduation, he spent some time in Milwaukee looking for jobs.

Born in Illinois, Radous says he lived back home after graduation until 2011, when he got a job offer from PwC on Valentine’s Day.

“Since then I gave them nine-ish years” Radous says. 

Radous says that 10 years ago he was all over the place with his plans for the future. He says he did not have any plans for further than five years in advance.

“I think 10 years was looking almost too far out, as I was just trying to get landed on something,” Radous says. 

Radous says his degrees were something people recognized when he was applying for internships.

“I had a couple offers I kind of had to feel and say no to, and I eventually landed with PwC,” Radous says. 

Radous says his advice to current Marquette graduates is to appreciate where you’re at.

“I got caught up in my career,” Radous says. “You kind of lose yourself in your work, and that’s fine. I think some people really enjoy that. But for me, I really enjoyed the time with family. Just take stock of where you come from and be humbled by that.” 

Radous says one of his favorite Marquette memories was going to Caffrey’s Pub with one of his professors and the rest of the class during his senior year. They reviewed the results of the semester exam over beers.

Another member of the Class of 2010 is Haley Pemrick Schubert. Schubert says she is currently living in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and got married last December. 

“I’m currently a logistics and quality manager for a small electronics manufacturing company in Chanhassen that is actually a family-owned business,” Schubert says. “My husband and I are actually also facility managers for a 16,000 gallon aquarium.” 

Schubert says she is also currently running for City Council of Chanhassen. 

Schubert says that 10 years ago she didn’t want to go into the family business. She ended up getting a job with General Mills instead.

After working at General Mills for years, Schubert returned to the family business. “I love manufacturing, so I’m here to stay, and don’t see that changing anytime soon.” 

While at Marquette, Schubert was a double major in math and Spanish and minored in economics. 

Schubert says that while in college she didn’t have a dream job.

“I just wanted to find something that was fun and that I could be passionate about that allowed me to think creatively,” Schubert says. 

Schubert gives two pieces of advice to this year’s graduating students. The first is “don’t say no to everything.”

Schubert says she has agreed to opportunities that she initially had doubts about regarding “if it was the right time.” As a result, her life has not turned out the way she originally expected.

“It’s amazing how many turns your life can take when you say yes to things,” Schubert says.

Schubert’s second piece of advice is to get involved in the community.

“I have made professional connections just being part of a service organization in my community, and it has been really helpful in terms of just being part of something bigger than yourself and being bigger than your job,” She says.  

Schubert says some of her best memories at Marquette came from being part of the Alpha Omega Epsilon professional and social sorority. “I made some wonderful friendships and we did so many cool things.” 

Rachael Bush is another 2010 graduate from Marquette. She is currently living in Greendale, Wisconsin. She runs her own business called Mova Business Solutions which provides administrative support for other entrepreneurs. 

Bush currently has two sons, one of whom was born during her senior year of college. 

While at Marquette, Bush majored in history and crime law studies.

Bush says the people she met at Marquette had a positive impact on her.

“Anyone I interacted with had an impact on me and made sure I had a way to keep going,” Bush says. 

After college, Bush planned on having a career in catering. Bush worked at Sodexo while in college and after graduation became the retail manager for The Brew Cafes from 2014-2016. 

Bush’s advice to current graduates is to “stay encouraged and be the difference. Think about your family, they will always be there for you.” 

Bush is in the role of reunion organizer for her class and says she’s excited to come back to campus when the 10 year reunion takes place. 

This story was written by Matthew Choate. He can be reached at [email protected].

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