Wine Wins

During my visit to Black Sheep, I sampled five wines from the tap:


  1. Revelry Merlot (Red):  3/5 stars

The mid-palate merlot is perfectly aged with a hint of blackberries and blueberries. This red would be great to enjoy with a savory cheese board.  

2. Farmlands Pinot Noir (Red):  4/5 stars

Farmlands is definitely a dry and heavy red wine. This pinot noir would pair great with a homemade Italian pasta dish.  

3.Dry Rose (Rose): 3/5 stars

This brand-less rose was dry, hence the name, but also gave off a bit of sweetness. It would be great for a girls’ night in with a movie and popcorn.  

    4. Boundary Breaks Pinot Grigio (White):  4/5 stars

This Central New York Finger Lakes wine is surprisingly crisp and more on the sweet side. A glass of this would pair effortlessly with a brie cheese board.  

    5.Jezebel Blanc (White):  5/5 stars

This Oregon wine puts a refreshing twist on the similar taste of Boundary Breaks. The wine is a bit drier, which would make it pair well with a roasted chicken dish.