Sheep Thrills

Black Sheep is an upscale wine bar located in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, with a wide variety of wines including a unique wine tap. The walls are comprised of exposed brick and feature different colored paintings of sheep. There is a long bar stretching across the length of the dimly lit restaurant.

I went at around 5 p.m. to get happy hour deals, which included $5 house-made sangria, $8 truffled popcorn and $9 olive tapenade. At that time the majority of the people who came in sat at the bar. There are options to purchase a house pour, which is just one glass, a card to use the vending machines or a list of bottles for sale. I ended up getting a glass of the pinot grigio. It was fruity and mild. Definitely a good wine for someone who isn’t a wine connoisseur.

The vending machine is a good option for groups planning on spending an extended amount of time at the bar. Simply use the debit-like card to dispense any type of wine from a spigot directly into your glass. Each wine has its own individual tap and three pour sizes, good for sampling new types of wine.

I also got a pretzel and cheese board, which comes with two soft pretzels, mozzarella cheese curds and beer cheese. Overall, this board is absolutely mediocre. At $12 I also find it to be a tad overpriced for the amount of food I receive. The highlight of Black Sheep is definitely the wine, and the food seems to take a back seat.

Out of all the people inside, I am definitely among the youngest. Everyone else seems to be at least five to seven years older than me. Admittedly, wine is not my favorite beverage, but this crowd also isn’t the most inviting. I feel like a child, somewhat out of place among adults. I get the vibe that the waitress is confused as to why I’m here, as I may not be representative of their typical clientele.

In terms of whether I’d recommend Black Sheep, that is a hard question. If wine is something you really enjoy, I would definitely give it a go. The vending machines are an experience that aren’t characteristic of the typical wine bar. The food and the age of the patrons are the drawbacks. I think the key is going with the knowledge of what the environment will be like. Black Sheep is more reserved and good for chatting with friends. If any of this catches your eye, try it out!