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RING out Ahoya: Marquette Love Stories

Photo by courtesy of Payton and Luke Fischer
Luke and Payton Fischer are just one example of a Marquette true love story.

As jazz vocalist Nat King Cole once sang, the V in “love” is “very, very extraordinary.” And well, he’s right. If you are anything like me, you thrive off any love story tangled in the plots of romantic comedy films, sappy Instagram posts when not on Valentine’s day (let’s face it, the “just because” moments are better than any pink and red holiday) and swoon over any and all proposals, engagements and “Say Yes to the Dress” special airings on a Friday night. Yes, love is extraordinary, and if you are lucky enough, amongst studying, homework and surviving through midterm and finals weeks, you might be able to find a special someone amidst all the chaos: A special someone who can make a disaster seem like the perfect storm.  At Marquette University, falling in love is possible everyday — and many people have already found it.       

Crossing paths, over and over and over again. 

Angela Schrubbe grew up in Elm Grove, Wisconsin just 30 seconds away  from her husband, Bill Daniels.  Living so close to each other from the start, the two crossed paths numerous times in high school yet never had a big impact on one another. It wasn’t until Schrubbe arrived 10 minutes early to her accounting class at Marquette everyday that her path crossed yet again with Daniels, who was coming out of his accounting class. Then, they started to notice one another.  The two officially met at a party on 18th Street and Kilbourn Avenue — and the rest is history. 

Now, Angela Daniels says everything happened organically with her and Bill.  “We grew together kind of going through a lot, just trying to figure out who you are,” Angela says. “It’s hard, it’s not easy. It’s a really stressful time in your life.” 

What’s even crazier? Bill’s dad, Joe Daniels, turned out to be Angela’s professor and thesis director while in graduate school here at Marquette.

“It was the biggest coincidence after years of dating,” Angela says, speaking of having her now father-in-law as an instructor.

The two graduated in 2011 and have now been together for nine years, with their first first photo together dating back to May 2009. Married for one year now, Angela says they wouldn’t be together if it wasn’t for Marquette. 

“I think Marquette allowed for us to find each other at the right place, at the right time.” 

Blue, Gold and Brewers  

Colleen Carter graduated in 2009 from Marquette, and her husband graduated in 2005.  Not knowing each other while attending Marquette, the pair met at a Brewer’s game through a friend. Both from the South Side of Chicago, Colleen and her now husband Kevin started dating in 2009. Two weeks in, Colleen knew Kevin was the one.  “As cliche as it sounds, I really knew right away that it was going to be something serious and really great,” Colleen says. The two married in 2013, but while getting to know each other, they found out that Colleen’s sister, who is 15 years older than she, was Kevin’s seventh grade teacher! Colleen and Kevin are now married and have two daughters.  

“Technically we didn’t find love at Marquette, but rather because of Marquette,” she says.

God’s Plan

When Payton Brock arrived at Indiana University for her first semester of college, she wasn’t looking for anything except time and focus on herself to do her own thing.  “It was like God had a sense of humor and put him in my life, and he just became my best friend.”

The man that God placed in her life? Basketball player Luke Fischer. 

After one semester, Luke had transferred to Marquette University, where he would become a star basketball player.  With Payton still at Indiana, the couple decided to do long distance.

“He had encouraged me to come to Milwaukee, and I think making that step — we knew we were the ones for each other.” 

After her sophomore year, Payton attended University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Due to being on military bill, she wasn’t able to attend Marquette, but loved, and still does, love everything about the Golden Eagles. 

You may remember this couple.  Think 2017.  Think senior game.  Packed stadium, intensely close game, a Marquette victory and then, an epic proposal. 

“It was a couple days before the game, and we just got confirmation from her brother and sister-in-law who live in Indianapolis,” Luke Fischer, who plays for Gran Canaria in Spain, says. “I called my mom that day and asked how to make it work. We came up with an idea and one thing led to an other.” 

If a proposal wasn’t nerve-wracking enough, the Marquette vs. Creighton game was high stakes. 

“I was nervous.  We were only winning by a little bit and (I) was really nervous that it wasn’t going to happen,” Fischer says, “But luckily we were able to win.”

Luke and Payton, although saying they “blacked out” during the moment and are thankful for video evidence, recall it being perfect. Their wedding is set for August 4 in Milwaukee, with pictures of their big day to be taken at Marquette.  Photos, though, are not the only thing Marquette-affiliated.  Luke’s best man is former teammate Michael Mache and many of the university’s coaching staff and Luke’s teammates will be in attendance at the wedding. One of their colors is navy. 

Payton says she believes God puts people in your life and that that’s the truest gift. “You never know when you are going to meet someone who is going to change your life because I think meeting Luke has definitely changed the course of my life for sure.” 

Luke agreed. “It’s hard to do anything without your best friend, and once you know that that person is your best friend, you want to hold on to them.” 

Third time is the charm, but you were always the one

After two weeks of dating, Bob Roberts proposed to Brigid Wolff. He knew she was the one.

“It was just kind of random. He said, ‘I think we make a good couple,’ and  I said, ‘I think we would make a good couple.’ and he said ‘Well I guess that was a proposal and that was an acceptance.’” Wolff says.

That was only the first time. The second proposal occurred in Doctors Park.  The third happened after a dinner at the Pasta Tree in Milwaukee with some champagne back at his apartment.

After five years of dating, the two got married in June.  

“There were a bunch of us that were friends at Marquette, and we kind of got engaged at the same time,” Wolff says. “We scheduled our weddings so that there was one wedding per month for about six months.”

After 10 years of being together, the couple renewed their vows at the St. Joan of Arc Chapel.  This coming June, the couple will celebrate their 25th anniversary, and will yet again renew their vows at St. Joan of Arc. 

“Just because you love each other, doesn’t mean it’s going to work,” Wolff says. “You have to make sure you are really on the same page and have the same values.  Stay committed.  Don’t let divorce be in your category, don’t even go there.”  

Bob and Brigid met in the first semester of 1984. She was a junior, and he was a senior.  

“Make sure to make each other laugh, always.” Wolff says.

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