MUR Show of the Week: Amateur Hour


Madi and Katelyn live in the studio. Photo via Madi Kec.

This week we are featuring the show Amateur Hour, a new show hosted by DJs Madi Kec and Katelyn Weber.

Amateur hour is both a music and talk show. The DJs will play selections from their favorite artists and come back with comedic talking segments. No broadcast of Amateur Hour is the same. The DJs have multiple guests each week and receive call-ins from listeners. This is part of what makes the show so entertaining to listen to. Having so many different people engaging in the hilarious conversation introduces a refreshing break from the music talk-show format. To top it off, the DJs and their guests have a lot of unique topics that are always fun and humorous, making the show comical and easy to listen to.

Marquette Radio is not the only organization that Madi and Katelyn are involved in. When they aren’t making us laugh from the studio, they are with Marquette’s improvisational comedy group: the Studio 013 Refugees. Madi and Katelyn are both freshmen “Newgees” in the group this year, and they have a show coming up on November 18. Be sure to give Madi and Katelyn a follow on Twitter for more updates on Amateur Hour and Fugee performances (@whatthekec and @katelynweber18).

You can catch Amateur Hour live on Marquette Radio from 3:00-4:30 p.m. on Fridays.