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University issues a response to counter demonstrations during Marquette for Life’s pro-life week

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Counter protest in response to Marquette for Life’s pro-life week

Dr. Xavier Cole, vice president of student affairs, issued a strongly-worded response to counter demonstrations during Marquette For Life’s pro-life week.

The group held a ‘Memorial for the Unborn’ Thursday by planting 1,200 blue and pink flags to represent the 1,200,000 abortions preformed in the United States each year.

Counter-protesters placed coat hangers among the flags and taped signs over existing signs with slogans such as “we want doctors, not missionaries” and “my body, my freedom.”

The counter protest signs and hangers were removed. Friday afternoon, Cole sent the following email to Marquette students.

October 14, 2016

 I am writing to address a situation that occurred yesterday that has absolutely no place at Marquette.

 Marquette For Life, a student group celebrating pro-life activities on campus, informed the Division of Student Affairs that its signs had been altered and defaced. Unrelated to this incident, we also learned that university banners were covered with fliers. 

 Let me be extremely clear. Defacement is not dialogue.

 Respectful discussion and even dissent is best done face to face. Our issue does not lie in the expression of varying viewpoints, but rather in the way that this was handled. Our mission is grounded in respecting the dignity of all individuals and being inclusive of multiple perspectives. Inclusivity by its very nature begins with respect.

 The Marquette For Life group’s display was submitted and approved in advance, as is standard procedure for any display that appears on university property. We are working with our students to make sure their promotions on campus continue.

 We know that differences can and will exist on a college campus, but we also know that we are called to live with values and with principles of respect and civility.

 If students or student organizations want to begin a dialogue around a particular issue, we welcome their engagement with student and university leadership. I personally welcome your thoughts. MUSG, our Residence Hall Association and Community Programming Councils will be happy to help organize a dialogue that can involve students, faculty and staff. A college campus is precisely the space where such dialogue can and should occur.

 Let’s remember that we are all Marquette.


Dr. Xavier A. Cole”


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  • C

    c.blakeOct 15, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Amazing…if any conservative organization had done anything remotely like this…THERE WOULD BE CALLS FOR EXPLULSION AND REMOVAL OF THE ORGANIZATIONS RIGHTS ON CAMPUS…especially with pictures and Facebook proof…but no, this weak kneed school official has the little bitty b#l#s.

    NOT SURPRISING ON TODAYS CAMPUS’S…we are producing the most uninformed and weak students…I hope we never need these “safe space needing” people to ever protect this nation from and invading force!

  • J

    Jim DonahueOct 15, 2016 at 11:24 am

    It was over a year ago when Professor McAdams was asked to leave the University because he reported, yes – only reported – an incident in which intolerance of a teaching assistant took place in a campus classroom. The official response was swift and now there is a lawsuit in which the University may very well find itself on the losing end.

    Now we have an expansion of University intolerance – this time from “feminists” at the University, or the college “Democrats”. The lack of tolerance for ideas runs counter to what a University is supposed to encourage and not discourage.

    This is what happens when a University abandons a core mission and spend more time on “diversity” than in teaching values and skills. The best “diversity” a college can give is the rigorous training and educating – and the free exchange of ideas- of college students for their life after college.

    Marquette University was a great University of over 100 years BEFORE the introduction of politically correct programs.

    Real change will start when the University’s professors allow for free expression of ideas within the classroom and the focus on getting an education which will prepare a student for life after college.

    This example of intolerance by some students on campus in defacing a simple protest should be a wake up call for liberal intolerance everywhere. A good lesson for all.