MUR Show of the Week: Alternative Rock Appella


(From left to right) Mark Atkins, Graham Hooley, and Kevin O’Bryan.

This week we are featuring the show Alternative Rock Appella, a returning show featuring DJs Mark Atkins, Kevin O’Bryan and Graham Hooley.

As a music talk show, the show’s structure is simple enough: the 3 DJs all have their specialties. Kevin’s into alternative music, Mark’s a rock guy and Graham knows a lot about a cappella. On air the DJs rotate through blocks of music where each of them does their own run of three to five songs. After taking some time to recap what they played, they fill the studio with entertaining conversation. When listening in, it is clear that they have been doing this for awhile. After the DJs are done talking, the next DJ has the opportunity to select songs. This creates a lot of cool variety in music selection during their blocks of songs.

Aside from being members of MUR, all three co-hosts are fifth-year seniors in the College of Engineering. Graham is a member of Marquette’s co-ed a cappella group the Gold ’n Blues and Mark is a member of Chicago-based rock group Lonely Coyote. Kevin is also musically inclined, and he has been known to funk it up on the bass every so often.

You can check out Lonely Coyote’s debut album and you can see the Gold ’n Blues perform around campus throughout the school year. Alternative Rock Appella airs every Tuesday night from 4:30-6 on Marquette Radio.