The Floozies, Sunsquabi bring future funk to Milwaukee


The boogie might have changed a bit since the 1960s, but that doesn’t mean the funk has been lost. If anything, it has been reemerging in the electronic circuit with help of bands like SunSquabi and The Floozies.

Both future funk bands brought down the house on Friday night, Feb. 19, at The Rave’s more cozy and less chaotic venue, the Eagle’s Club. DeFunk opened for the bands and had the hardest job in getting the crowd going.

“When he dropped ‘Hard to Handle,’ which was about 20 minutes into his set, the crowd started movin’ ’n’ groovin’,” said Simi Tomich, a local DJ and EDM enthusiast.

This eventually primed the audience for a night of funk and fun. By the time SunSquabi began to produce the soul-grooving tunes, the crowd was completely sold to the three-piece, electronic hydro-funk band out of Boulder, Colorado.

Consistent grooves and repetitive riffs captivated the crowd to dance as if two mega festivals, Woodstock and Electric Forest, mixed. Outside of a minor skirmish in the central dance floor, the crowd was lost in the music, focusing on the unique sounds of tunes like ‘SquabCat,’ one of the newer beats in SunSquabi’s arsenal.

A short wait, a refuel of beer and a sense of mental preparation between sets fell over the crowd in anticipation for a catapult from past funk to the future. The Floozies stepped up to bat, swung and hit the ball all the way to Lake Michigan.

Producer and keyboardist Matt Hill infused each key stroke with a touch of electronic, followed by guitar licks that would point to guitar icons like Jimi Hendrix. The audience members found themselves grooving nonstop, jamming to classics like “Love, Sex, and Fancy Things,” “Sunroof Cadillac” and “Stuntin’.”

With the brand new EP “Granola Jones” out just weeks earlier, the crowd had plenty of times to feel out the four new songs. The crowd went from mellow to turned up in a matter of minutes when “No Part of This” smashed the eardrums of the audience. Perhaps the biggest twist of the night pointed to a remix of Toto’s “Africa” by The Floozies which kept the good vibes rolling. Just after 1 a.m., the crowd almost had to be forced out after an encore.

Best Song of the Night: “Love, Sex, and Fancy Things”- The Floozies