Twenty one pilots return to The Rave with even crazier stunts

Paige Lloyd

My sweatshirt tied around my waist, I wipe some sweat from my brow and bend into a squat. Hours of standing have worn down my knees but they will be put to work for the upcoming show of twenty one pilots. I hold onto my friend Abby for support and stand back up.

A girl next to me scrolls through her Twitter feed, passing the time. She quickly shows her phone to a nearby friend and I glimpse over as she reads the tweet aloud, “Looks like we are both getting tattooed tonight.”

The day before, twenty one pilots’ members Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph created a fake Twitter debate where they talked topics such as ranch prices and Coca-Cola in high school vending machines. The two set up a poll where followers could vote for a band member in the #TOPDebate. The winner would have the chance to tattoo his name on the other’s body while on stage.

As if Joseph and Dun knew of the crowd’s new knowledge and excitement, the lights dimmed and the sold out crowd in the Eagles Ballroom burst into wild cheers.

My small stature limited my view of the stage but as I peered on my tiptoes, I could see Dun and Joseph on stage. The light show began as the recognizable yells from the beginning of “Heavydirtysoul” began. The set continued on with songs from the groups 2012 album “Vessel,” along with their newest album “Blurryface.”

The energy of the crowd around me was heightened with every song. We jumped in unison during “Guns For Hands,” and sang to each other during Joseph’s cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Our hands all swayed together as the lyrics of “Screen” filled the room over and over again: “we’re broken, we’re broken, we’re broken people.”

Word for word, my neighbors and I sang and rapped along to each of twenty one pilot’s songs. It was an hour and a half into the show when Joseph and Dun decided to take a quick break. It was time for someone to be tattooed. And due to the luckiest tie on their Twitter poll, Joseph announced to the audience that both men would be getting tattoos.

The buzzing of the tattoo needle seemed so loud, even among the large crowd, as Joseph and Dun etched their names on the other’s legs. A few lucky audience members joined them on stage to take a closer look.
“You guys are experiencing a really important moment in our lives,” Joseph said to the crowd.

Everyone stirred with excitement and awaited more music. Dun and Joseph delivered. Ending the night with their newest hit, “Tear in my Heart,” the crowd jeered with excitement. The cheers escalated as we all thought the show was over until the solemn beginning of “Car Radio” started. My hands raised, I jumped along to my favorite song and waited for the best part. Almost halfway through Joseph appeared on a stand in the back of the ballroom that was almost 15-feet tall. Adorned with his black ski mask he led the crowd through the chorus of the song.

With the crowd chanting for more, twenty one pilots came back onto the stage for their encore of “Goner” and “Trees.” The final song built in crescendos as Dun was lifted up with the crowd with a small drum set as confetti rained down on the smiling crowd.

The yells and clapping from the audience seemed to last for minutes after the final note. The smile on my face didn’t fade until late that night when I realized it was over. Good thing they will be coming to BMO Harris Pavilion next summer. That gives me plenty of time to save my money and buy seats where Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph don’t look so much like ants.