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MUsic club allows student musicians to connect

Members of ‘MUsic’ playing at the Marquette radio show. (Photo courtesy of Kevyn Schwab)

MUsic, pronounced em-YOU-sic, is one of the newest clubs on campus. Founded in January, the club aims to band together passionate musicians to form their own musical groups – with the interconnecting help of the world wide web.

MUsic’s webpage was formed to help this musical connection take place. Any potential musician just has to fill out a profile and puts his or her musical intentions down.

The leaders of the club share a desire for musical success. Kevyn Schwab, a junior in the College of Engineering, is a co-founder and president of the club. He has played guitar for seven years. Schwab said that he and the other founders of the club, Randy Spaulding, a junior in the College of Engineering, and Mary Kate Hickey, a junior in the College of Communication, met at a leadership conference and discovered their mutual passion for music.

At the time, no campus organization existed to help students develop their specific passion. “(My friends and I) would jam in the dorms but get yelled at by RAs,” said Schwab. “It just wasn’t a comfortable area to practice our passion.” That was part of the spark that began MUsic.

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At the club’s O-Fest table, they received between 75 and 100 names of interested students.

The club welcomes not only musicians, but singers, songwriters and other music enthusiasts as well. “(If) there’s a singer that wants to start a folk band and is looking for a guitarist, we’re going to help them out with that,” Schwab said. In addition, previous musical experience is not required. Hickey is an example of a student who does not play an instrument but still has an interest in music. “(Music has) always (been) one of my greatest interests, and I love the whole promotional aspect behind it. That’s what I wanted to bring to this group.”

The club plans to have an end-of-the-semester concert with multiple events showcasing Marquette’s musicians.

MUsic hopes to get the word out about the club and get the organization up and running as fast as possible. Nick Simon, a junior in the College of Communication, drummer and club member, said that he looks forward to “forming new bands and new friendships through this club.”

“I’d like to see jams happening [and] live music promotion all around campus,” Simon said. He said that he believes college is the best time to start a band.

Michael Richter, a junior in the College of Engineering with 15 years of drumming experience and 10 years of guitar and bass experience, said he is seeking a similar product. “Marquette isn’t necessarily regarded as a school that’s heavily musically oriented, but I think (musical talent) really is out there, and I think bringing it to the forefront and bringing promotions and marketing towards it can really give people more of a voice,” said Richter. He said that in the future, he hopes to work with sound engineering and freelance music production.

Others are looking for an entertaining time in a social environment. To “get on the (drum) kit and mess around a little bit” – that’s Mark Gesior’s goal. Gesior, a junior in the College of Engineering, played snare drum in middle and high school, but does not feel ready to start a band just yet.

The MUsic E-Board will not only facilitate, but also participate in the musical processes. It will help promote MUsic’s mission, connect the musicians, run the meetings and set-up for future concerts.

Troy Farsakian, a junior in the College of Engineering, club member and drum/percussion player for about 12 years, said, “My vision for MUsic is that one day, maybe not this year, but one day a group of kids are going to meet at Marquette, and they’re going to form a band, and then they’re going to become super famous.”

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