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Twitter Tuesday: 90s nostalgia accounts

Twitter Tuesday: 90s nostalgia accounts

Your Away Message: @yourawaymessage

Before there was Twitter, there was AIM/AOL. Remember all that time it took to craft the perfect away message, only to change it again ten minutes later? Laugh along with this twitter account’s collection of over-the-top and embarrassing moments of yesteryear. And who knows, maybe you will see a message or two that young you posted all those years ago.

Ok literally my parents were supposed to go out tonight and now they aren’t and now I can’t be on AIM for more than an hour?? Like no

— your away message (@YourAwayMessage) September 26, 2014

90s Are All That: @90sAreAllThat

Nickelodeon ’90s favorites are back by popular demand. Recently the network began airing classic ’90s television hits, such as Clarissa Explains It All, Kenan and Kel and Rocket Power. Because that is not enough to quench our ’90s thirst, this Twitter account offers clips and snapshots of memorable moments in our favorite shows. Do not worry about missing any of these rebroadcasts because the account will also remind you when to tune in.

That dance you do when your favorite ‘90s show comes on… #KenanAndKel

— 90’s Are All That (@90sAreAllThat) September 25, 2014

90s Kid: @herestothe90s

I shamelessly admit that I am one of those people who are more than proud about being a child of the 90s. I know sometimes we come off as a little obnoxious, but admit it:  you love being reminded about the Wonderballs you ate and the HitClip that played the latest Britney single. Follow for hours of long, nostalgia-filled of strolls down memory lane.


— 90s Kid (@herestothe90s) November 8, 2014


Things I Grew Up On: @ThingsIGrewUpOn

This Twitter account takes it back to 1995 with various reminders of activities you were doing before you got hooked on television (not including Saturday morning cartoons, of course). Some tweets are ambiguous, leaving you to figure out why a certain image is causing such a nostalgic tear in your heart. But I personally think that is the fun of it. How well do you remember your childhood? Test your memories here.

All it used to take to make something a masterpiece

— ThingsIGrewUpOn (@ThingsIGrewUpOn) October 22, 2014


Childhood Memories: @ChildhoodFacts

Once a 90s kid, always a 90s kid. Thanks to this Twitter account, we are reminded of the highlights of our youth as they are connected to modern pop culture references. We acknowledge that the time period we grew up in will always have an impact on how we see the world around us. Live on, 90s babies.

RT if you see your favorite show

— Childhood Memories! (@ChildhoodFacts) November 10, 2014


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