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Marquette unveils new website for laundry updates

In the Office of Residence, staff are equipped to get students the help they need.

In the Office of Residence, staff are equipped to get students the help they need.

Photo by Wire Stock Photo

Photo by Wire Stock Photo

In the Office of Residence, staff are equipped to get students the help they need.

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Students tired of lugging bags of dirty laundry all the way to washing machines — just to find none available — now can save a little bit of effort.

Marquette officially added to its website Oct. 17, which lists the availability of laundry machines in dorms and university apartments.

This program can also be used to give email or text message alerts when laundry is done or when a machine is available. This allows this type of service to be used on the go.

“We wanted to provide residents with a convenient way to check the laundry machines,” said Rick Arcuri, director of business operations and auxiliary services. “This way when you’re sitting in your room, you can just look on this website and see that your laundry is done or that a machine is available without the hassle of traveling all the way downstairs to the machines.”

Although the website was functional several weeks before Oct. 17, Arcuri sent out a tweet that day so the university could make sure it was working right. The university notified students about the new website in a news brief Monday.

“We didn’t want it going up and then have a series of issues,” Arcuri said.

Marquette set up the website through a partnership with WASH Multifamily Washing Systems, which also supports many other universities throughout the country. This organization is also the provider of Marquette’s washers and dryers. Since WASH Multifamily Washing Systems is the provider of this website, the university does not have to pay an extra fee for running this website.

Students expressed that this new website will be convenient for them.

“The use of this new website is going to save me a lot of time deciding when to do my laundry,” said Sebastian Feher, a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences. “Now I can just check online, and if there’s an available machine, I’ll go use it. It just makes things a lot easier.”

Marquette also announced Monday that students are once again able to use MarquetteCASH to pay for their laundry in all university-owned student housing except the Gilman Building. MarquetteCASH was deactivated over the past couple of months, forcing students in many apartment buildings to pay with quarters.

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