Ghost of Joseph McCarthy frustrated EthicsPoint wasn’t around during his MU tenure

EthicsPoint, which allows students to anonymously report misconduct taking place at the university, was not around in the 1930s, much to the dismay of deceased Marquette alum Joseph McCarthy, his ghost said in an exclusive interview with the Turnip.

“Back then, I wanted to blacklist everyone to DPS,” McCarthy said. “Communists in MUSG, basketball players who skipped class, people who don’t clean up their dishes at the dining halls. But I had no venue to do it.”

McCarthy, who would be 105 if he were still alive, added that EthicsPoint is the perfect outlet to make sure all the people are reported for all the things, and he encouraged students to make use of it.

He would neither confirm nor deny if he will run for MUSG president this spring, but he is exploring the possibility.