Twitter Tuesday: Film critics

Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis make up movie critic team, Schmoes Know. Photo via Facebook.
Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis make up movie critic team, Schmoes Know. Photo via Facebook.

Every Tuesday, Marquee spotlights five Twitter users from a specific entertainment genre. This week, we give you the top five film critics to follow for entertaining and informative reviews on your favorite (or least favorite) movies.


Schmoes Know: @SchmoesKnow

Schmoes Know consists of the movie critic duo Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis. Certified by Rotten Tomatoes, the two “Schmoes” have been reviewing films, comic books and video games for years. The Schmoes Know mission is to give background on which movies are worth our time and, more importantly, our money, so we can enjoy our cinematic experience while getting our full money’s worth. As the Schmoes say, “Good friends don’t let friends waste money.”


Chris Stuckmann: @ChrisStuckmann

Chris Stuckmann is a young filmmaker with a passion for movies, video games and other forms of entertainment. Stuckmann, a YouTuber with over 150,000 subscribers, films his movie reviews in front of a display of film memorabilia, the most notable being the 12-inch-tall figurine of Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho.” Occasionally, Stuckmann includes his wife in a homemade skit pertaining to the particular film he reviews. Stuckmann connects to his young audience in a way that allows them to connect with his opinions, whether or not we agree with him. Follow him on Twitter and “Get Stuckmanized.”


John Flickinger: @JohnFlickster

John Flickinger, similar to Chris Stuckmann, is a young film critic who runs the YouTube channel, TheFlickPick. Flickinger’s reviews stand out because of their humor. For example, when reviewing “The Dark Knight Rises,” Flickinger gave a Batman impression, suit and all. He provides honest movie reviews, but uses funny lingo and relatable humor to get his point across. Flickinger shows his inner nerd during his reviews, making him extremely entertaining to watch and separating him from his slightly snobby colleagues.


Richard Roeper: @RichardRoeper

Richard Roeper is most notable for working with the legendary Roger Ebert on the hit show, “Ebert & Roeper.” Roeper is a film critic in his 50s who writes for the Chicago Sun-Times. He posts his reviews to his YouTube channel, ReelzChannel. On his website, Roeper gives in-depth reviews topped off with a letter grade to judge the quality of the film. His Twitter page offers more insight to his reviews, but he also uses it to voice his opinions on current events. Chicago is one of the biggest movie markets in America, and Richard Roeper, arguably the city’s most popular critic, does a fantastic job bringing us his experience in the film critiquing industry. Roeper has reviewed movies for decades and he has worked with some of the most talented actors, producers and critics in the industry.


Roger Ebert: @EbertChicago

Before you ask why the late Roger Ebert made this list, you should know that his work is kept alive on his website. His wife, Chaz, writes a blog alongside movie reviews by some of the country’s finest critics. This Twitter page gives links to all kinds information regarding current movies. The reviews that appear on his website come from an ensemble of critics that give open, honest reviews just as Ebert would have if he were alive today. Ebert’s legacy lives on through the Internet, and his Twitter page is a great way to connect with the legend and indulge in his work.