Holey Moley: The new bakery on the block

Holey Moley opened up in the Third Ward’s Landmark building early July. Photo by Matthew Serafin/ matthew.serafin@mu.edu
Holey Moley opened up in the Third Ward’s Landmark building early July. Photo by Matthew Serafin/ [email protected]

Something sweet and new is brewing down in the Third Ward, and it is sure to quench a coffee addiction and satisfy a sweet tooth. Holey Moley Doughnuts and Coffee has taken on the challenge of providing America’s favorite fix in place of the beloved Milwaukee Cupcake Company at 316 N. Milwaukee St.

Holey Moley lives up to its slogan of “Silly name, serious doughnuts” with the large selection of flavors the walk-in café offers. Their doughnut menu includes basic chocolates and vanillas, vegan options and exotic flavors like PB&J or coconut passionfruit. These doughnuts are delicately dipped in fresh, exclusive glazes that give the old fashion lemon doughnuts their decadent tang and “coffee & doughnut” doughnuts their pre-dipped espresso glory.

Although the five-week-old company often runs out of specific flavors before close, including fan-favorites Creme Brule and the Fat Elvis, the store remains open to offer freshly brewed Hawthorne Coffee for the remainder of the day.  Hawthorne generally serves light, single-source Ethiopian, Guatemalan or Costa Rican roasts and caramelized espresso, both to make for a great cup of joe or latte. The roasts and strictly timed brews support the coffee’s natural sweetnesses, making Holey Moley’s doughnuts a match made in caffeine and sugar heaven.

Holey Moley owner and Third Ward entrepreneur Joe Sorge added Holey Moley to his chain of restaurants on the foundation of serving “only the best” coffee and doughnuts to Milwaukee’s citizens, and so far, he has not let anyone down.

Muskego, Wis. natives Ella Lubarsky and her younger brother loved the sweet surprise of stopping in to Holey Moley during their family outing. The two raved about the frosting glazes saying, “This is not just a doughnut place!” and talking about how they preferred Holey Moley any day above other doughnut joints, like Dunkin Donuts.

While Holey Moley can appease even the pickiest taste buds, customers still find the location to be surprising once they were able to grab their doughnuts and coffee. Ever since the Milwaukee Cupcake Company left the premises, the space was never renovated to fit the coffee shop feel, so Holey Moley still possesses a deceiving bakery vibe.

Patron Eric Lubarsky said that while the doughnuts are to die for, they can be expensive. Old-fashioned sweets like Holey Moley doughnuts were worth the extra few bucks to him though. He also felt that a large location flaw was the lack of seating available.

“I was expecting to lounge and drink my coffee, but this place has more of a to-go type feel,” Lubarsky said.

While Holey Moley is not yet a study spot or cute date location, the doughnut shop is well worth the pit stop on the way home from lunch or a walk through the Third Ward. Plus, a box of these doughnuts is a sure way to make friends in class or surprise a friend on the morning of his or her birthday. Let Holey Moley fill that gap for a morning fix of sugar.