Season three recap of ‘Girls’


The season three finale HBO’s hit show “Girls” premiered Sunday. In a season full of heartache, happiness and discovery, the four main characters have managed to stay best friends through it all. Here is a recap of what each character encountered.


Hannah: She has been through a lot of ups and downs in her relationship with Adam. They had to deal with his crazy sister Carolyn living with them for a while, Adam’s big break on Broadway, and Hannah’s family drama. The two seem to have an issue in every episode, but somehow always end up working it out in the long run. Hannah finally found a job, after the editor for her e-book was found dead. However, she did not enjoy it, and, with a dream of writing novels, she quit. Hannah’s relationship with Marnie is definitely not where it was in season one. They don’t live together anymore and barely see each other. Hannah and Marnie had their fair share of fights this season, but always seem to hold a certain level of respect for each other. The season finale found Hannah receiving an acceptance letter to graduate school in Iowa. Her parents think that she shouldn’t pass up the opportunity, but Hannah knows that she will miss a lot of people in New York. The finale ends with Hannah hugging the letter with a big smile on her face.

Marnie: She started off the season in a deep depression. Marnie’s on-and-off again boyfriend of five years dumped her out of nowhere (the actor decided to leave the show) and she lost her job. After moving back in with her mother, she was at a very low point in her life. Marnie then decided to pursue singing. She teamed up with one of the cast members from Adam’s play and started to make music. She even mustered up the confidence to perform live. Marnie had a weird relationship going on with Shoshanna’s ex-boyfriend Ray. Marnie and Ray slept together a few times, but Marnie wasn’t looking for a relationship out of it. The season finale found Marnie telling Shoshanna that she slept with Ray, much to Shoshanna’s dismay. Marnie also decides to kiss her bandmate who has a girlfriend, because she is starting to fall for him.

Shoshanna: Shoshanna has become very blunt and confident this season. From her shy character in season one to now, she has grown miles. Shoshanna is enjoying her senior year of college, but a little too much. She is sleeping around and partying a little too hard. Shoshanna tries to get her work done, but living with her cousin, Jessa, is not easy. Shoshanna seems like she has finally gotten over Ray, who was her first love, until the final episode of the season. Shoshanna finds out about Ray and Marnie and wants Ray back. Ray thinks that they are at two different places and it would just be better if they were friends. Shoshanna also finds out that she isn’t graduating NYU on time because she failed one of her classes.

Jessa: Jessa is typical Jessa. Her character has not really changed much since the first season. She is still a free-spirited, do whatever she wants type of girl. At the beginning of the season Jessa voluntarily checks herelf into rehab for a drug problem. Jessa then gets kicked out and has to live with Shoshanna. She is doing well for a while and working at a children’s clothing store, which she hates. One of her pals from rehab finds her in New York and they start using again. Shoshanna stages an intervention and Jessa decides to clean up her act. The season three finale episode finds Jessa working for an artist doing archival work.

HBO did confirm that there will be a season four. Hopefully it is just as good as season three was.