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Top 10 most likable celebrities


    Lets face it people, we all wish we were best friends with a celebrity. Some of them are just so down to earth and chill that they actually seem like normal people. I would love to sit on a couch, with pajamas on, and watch a movie with Jennifer Lawrence for instance. And I know that I am not the only one thinking this. I made a little list of the 10 most likable celebrities according to me.


    1. Jimmy Fallon: What is there not to adore about Jimmy Fallon? He seems like the coolest guy around these days. From becoming the new host of The Tonight Show to being best friends with Justin Timberlake, Jimmy is living the life. Also, a lot of other celebrities and critics think that Jimmy is “a nice guy.” Cheers to you Jimmy for rocking the Tonight Show thus far!

    2. Ben Affleck: Ben just seems like the nicest family man around. He is married to Jennifer Garner and has three beautiful children. Sure Ben has had some movie flops, but at least he can make fun of himself for it. He is really good friends with Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Jimmy Kimmel. I would love to talk about the Boston Red Sox with him all day.

    3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Of course it doesn’t hurt that he is gorgeous. From lip-syncing on Jimmy Fallon (Youtube this, you won’t be disappointed) to playing the poor heartbroken nice guy in “500 Days of Summer,” Joseph seems like the type of person that you could confide in. He has a really big heart and it shows in all of his work.

    4. Tom Hanks: When I googled “most likable celebrities,” Tom Hanks was the first name that came up. He has been around the business for quite some time and seems to have stayed grounded. Tom has a great acting career, a great family, and seems like a genuine guy. He was also the voice of Woody in “Toy Story”, which definitely doesn’t hurt his street cred.

    5. Justin Timberlake: I couldn’t have a list without this man on it. From appearing on numerous SNL skits to showing off his rapping skills with Fallon, Timberlake is just pure genius. After watching countless videos of this man on numerous talk shows, he is nothing short of likable. It would be wonderful to hang out at a bar with this man.


    1. Jennifer Aniston: Who wouldn’t like Jen? She is always so happy and positive. Since being on “Friends,” Jennifer Aniston has exploded into fame. She still seems like the same down to earth girl that America is in love with. Team Jen all the way, bye Angelina!

    2. Katy Perry: Some people might think that she is weird or a little too eccentric, but I think ¬†she is fabulous. Katy is the epitome of ‘girl power.’ She knows just the right buttons to push , without going too far unlike Lady Gaga for instance. It also doesn’t hurt that she is dating John Mayer. They are adorable.

    3. Ellen DeGeneres: I don’t even think that she really needs an explanation. She is just pure awesome and I would love to meet her one day.

    4. Sandra Bullock: After her heartbreaking divorce from her cheating husband, Sandra has come back loud and proud. Most of her latest movies have been really successful and I think that it is because of her and her appeal. People like her movies, because people really like her. Go Sandy!

    5. Jennifer Lawrence: Okay here is the epitome of likable. She has skyrocketed into celebrity status in the last two years and she is just so chill. Her interviews are hilarious and genuine. She seems like the chillest person and I want to be best friends with her so badly.

    Well that is the list. I wish I personally knew all of these celebrities, but I guess I have to stick to watching E News!

    What did you think of the list? Who are some of your favorite celebrities?

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