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DPS cautions students about the dangers of using false IDs
Fake ID’s pile up in Marquette student’s wallets. Photo by Erin Caughey/[email protected]

Following three incidents recovering false identification on campus in the past week and a half, the Department of Public Safety continues to caution students about the dangers of possessing and using false identification.

Russell Shaw, the interim director of DPS, said although his department is aware many students possess false ID cards, it is not possible to go after everyone.

“We certainly see that a lot students purchase fake IDs, either they had them in high school or they purchase them when they’re coming to college,” Shaw said. “Obviously it’s hard to determine who has fake IDs because we only know when we locate one or find one, so it’s hard to quantify it.”

Shaw said DPS retrieves a lot of IDs because students appear intoxicated when officers see them. He also said students often pull out a fake ID instead of his or her Marquette ID when checking into residence halls. Another common way DPS retrieves IDs is when students say they lose their wallet with a false ID inside.

Shaw added that because of a Wisconsin state statute against misrepresentation of identity, it is DPS policy to fill out a referral slip to give to the Milwaukee Police Department when a false ID is found.

Shaw also said that while the daily log DPS reports say the students in the previous three reports were caught in Parking Structure One, students are not actually being caught with false forms of identification there, but rather students find the IDs and return them to the DPS office, which is located in structure one. The daily log just has to have a location attached to it.

Sean Stevens, a sophomore in the College of Engineering, said as an underage college student, he does not think it is necessary to have a false ID.

“The problem with fake IDs is the amount of trouble you can get into for just having one,” Stevens said. “Using it can get you into more trouble. I know a lot of people without fake IDs, and it doesn’t seem to get in the way of having fun on the weekends.”

According to the DPS 2013 Annual Fire and Safety Report, those caught with alcohol or false identification can receive a $500 fine for a first offense, mandatory participation in a supervised work program, suspension or revocation of the offender’s driver’s license.

Similarly, penalties for serving alcohol to minors can carry a fine of  up to $10,000 and imprisonment for up to nine months.

MPD caught 105 Marquette students in an April raid at a Victor’s Nightclub, a bar about a mile away from campus, ending with all but two students cooperating with officers. At this incident, students were asked to turn over their false forms of identification and provide their Marquette identification numbers. MPD asked for the help of DPS in taking down students’ information.

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