Letter to the Editor: Focus on content instead of complaining about pages

Dear Marquette Tribune staff,

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: I’m a former Marquette Tribune news editor, and I do not have a problem with the page cuts.I have read from countless former classmates and in the Tribune itself that this decision will limit learning opportunities, but that’s not the case. If anything, this is a real life learning opportunity. You don’t have to cut reporters, designers or photographers. You can write as much as you want online. City newspapers have been dealing with page cuts for years, and they haven’t been doing a great job adjusting. It’s up to the next generation of journalists (I’m looking at you, Trib staff) to help journalism adapt and thrive.I’m disappointed by how the Tribune staff has reacted to this announcement. As a newspaper reporter, I saw page cuts. I saw my mentors laid off. I saw my editors react poorly to the decisions made by management, and I’m sad to say it seems the Tribune editors are acting the same way.The Tribune is meant to be a learning experience and not a business. I, too, spent countless nights in the basement of Johnston Hall. I cut class to conduct interviews and write stories. (Sorry, Dr. Thorn, but it’s true. Dr. Byers, you knew this, so I’m not apologizing to you.) And I used what I learned when I worked for a daily newspaper. A group of the senior editors who led the paper my sophomore year remain my heroes and role models to this day.I won’t argue with anyone that the lessons the Tribune has to teach are invaluable. But as a learning experience, it’s meant to prepare you for the real world, and it doesn’t get more real for journalism than this. The newspaper business isn’t going to coddle you, and the College of Comm shouldn’t either.To the Tribune staff: Quit whining, and start doing something. Build your online presence. Focus on your writing, not your page count. Be better than the editors who spent their time complaining while newsroom doors closed. Get creative. Try new things. You have the opportunity to save journalism. The Trib alumni are depending on you. Don’t let us down.Sincerely,
Kellie Bramlet
Former Marquette Tribune reporter, copy editor and off-campus news editor