Keith Urban astounds Milwaukee crowd

As a Keith Urban fan, I jumped at the chance to catch his Get Closer tour as it rolled into Milwaukee on Thursday night. As the show approached, I became a little wary about giving up a whole night of studying for my midterms for a concert. But the country music superstar promised his fans it would be worth it.

“Tonight’s all about you guys, to cut loose and let you hair down. Leave all your stuff behind for a few hours,” said Urban, after the forgettable Jake Owen finished his opening act.

Just as Urban asked, I left everything behind and was reminded why I have been such a huge fan of his music.

From the moment he walked on stage wearing a Brewers jersey, I was reminded of how well Urban knows how to work a crowd. His charm seemed to transform the massive Bradley Center into an intimate club setting.

Urban took the time to read every fan made sign he could, always adding a “thank you, baby,” for good measure. He invited fans on stage to receive autographs and to partake in singing competitions. Urban even gave the cheap seats some love by performing a few songs in the middle of the crowd.

The best part of the Keith Urban concert was the music. Urban makes sure to stick to strictly playing his hits, so every audience member can sing along to each song… which I definitely did.

And no matter how many times I see him perform, his guitar skills will always blow me away. Whether he plays it running through the crowd, behind his head, or lying down on his back, it is pretty safe to say that he is the most talented country musician making music today.

Keith Urban has been electrifying audiences for nearly 15 years, and will probably continue to do so for another 15. He is without a doubt one of the best entertainers in music today.

Plus, who can resist his Australian accent?