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iPad gets yays and nays from students and professors


Apple’s newest iPad, known unofficially as iPad 3, hit stores March 16. The new iPad has several features including: an updated iSight feature, new retina display and 4G LTE speed.

Despite Apple’s attempt to introduce a new groundbreaking device, some PC and Mac users find the latest iPad to be just another piece of unneeded technology.

Eli Martin, a freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences, has used PC products his entire life.

“I think Apple has amazing products,” Martin said. “I love my iPod Touch, but computer-wise, I like to stick with what I know.”

Martin sees many Apple products as a distraction to students.

“I know iPhones cause a lot of distraction in the classroom,” he said. “Most students can’t get away with using iPads in the classroom, so even though all the apps can be a distraction, I don’t think it will matter as much in the classroom.”

Monica Skibba, freshman in the College of Arts & Sciences, thinks Apple products are overly praised and do not live up to the hype.

“I don’t need that extra junk because it doesn’t benefit me,” Skibba said. “Apple products are overrated because every Mac user I’ve ever encountered has made it seem like they’re better just because they’re a Mac user.”

Skibba thinks most Apple products are overpriced and do not benefit students any better than other electronic devices.

Steven Markowski, freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, uses his MacBook Pro for note-taking as well as watching movies, but he has not made the transition over to an iPad because of its small screen. However, he sees the benefits of using iPads for educational purposes.

“They’re not just for entertainment,” Markowski said. “They’re cheaper than laptops and far more portable.”

Besides students, professors find the iPad to be a helpful tool in the classroom. Connie Bauer, associate professor of marketing, sees several benefits the iPad has for both parties and even maintains a website with iPad tips. She uses her iPad for several classroom activities, including displaying PowerPoint slides, taking attendance and showing videos on her projector screen.

According to Bauer, the iPad’s note-taking and writing apps are beneficial for studying, making it easier to organize and read notes.

Tim Cigelske, senior communications specialist for Marquette and Mac user, sees more benefits from Apple products than PCs.

“I used PCs until I saw a MacBook demo and tried it out at the Apple Store about five years ago,” Cigelske said. “After seeing how intuitive and creative its programs were, I never went back.”

Although not an iPad owner, Cigelske has used them before and trusts all Apple products.

“I know I’m getting a great product when I go with them,” he said.

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