Hellogoodbye and The Fatty Acids booked for spring concert


Marquette Student Government announced Monday that indie pop band Hellogoodbye would headline this year’s spring concert.

The annual concert, set for March 29 in the AMU, will pair the Huntington Beach, Calif.-based group, famous for their 2006 hit song “Here (In Your Arms),” with local band The Fatty Acids.

MUSG commissioner and senior Kathleen Ward said she thinks The Fatty Acids will be popular with the Marquette community.

“[Their genre] is definitely something positive that would fit well into Marquette’s mission, but we also just loved their music,” she said.

Josh Evert, singer and keyboardist for the band, said he’s excited to work with Hellogoodbye.

“It’s really cool to be able to open for Hellogoodbye,” he said. “This isn’t our first time playing in front of a large crowd, so we’re not too stressed about it.”

Like Hellogoodbye, The Fatty Acids’ music falls into the pop genre. The band has released two LPs since forming in 2007: 2010’s “Stop Berries, Berries, and Berries, Berries” and 2011’s “Leftover Monsterface.”

“I think song writing for me has always been an emotional outlet; I just write about whatever is engaging me at the time, whether it’s personally or politically,” Evert said.

Evert said The Fatty Acids, who graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, enjoy playing for college students. He said it will be their first time on the Marquette campus.

“We want to play on campuses as much as we can because that’s where we find a responsive audience and get to meet people our own age,” Evert said.

MUSG co-commissioner and College of Communication sophomore Sasha Molin booked both bands along with Ward, choosing The Fatty Acids based on their locality and genre.

“I’ve seen The Fatty Acids in concert a couple times,” Molin said. “They’re like the old Hellogoodbye, but with more lights.”

This year’s concert is the first in which the headlining band was chosen by students. A survey sent out in the fall semester offered a number of bands as options, including Secondhand Serenade, Voice Avenue and Lights.

“I know a lot of students think MUSG makes all the decisions, so this was a good way to make them feel involved,” Molin said. “I think the fact that students voted for Hellogoodbye is going to make the show that much more enjoyable.

“There were bands we were rooting for, but we didn’t try to persuade the students either way.”

Tickets for students will be on sale today in the Brooks Lounge for $12. Tickets for the general public go on sale March 6, for $15.