Things have been hard for the Oakland Raiders for most of the past decade, but that evidently hasn’t been the case for wide receiver Louis Murphy.

On his old stomping grounds in Gainesville, Fla., police stopped the former Florida Gator shortly after midnight Sunday for blasting his music too loud in his Escalade. Apparently, Murphy thought it’d be more exciting to walk away and get arrested for failure to obey a police officer than produce the identification the officer asked for.

And why let just one cop cuff him? Might as well get two other officers in on the action, right?

Once he was detained, Murphy consented to a search of his vehicle. How much worse could this situation get?

In the car, the cops found an unmarked prescription bottle, adding a drug charge to what probably would’ve been a simple request to turn his music down. When the drug turns out to be Viagra, well, Murphy reached a whole new level on the embarrassment scale.

Murphy said he took the label off the bottle to keep his “illness” from his girlfriend, which makes sense. He already plays for the Raiders, which is one strike against him.

Any other signs of softness would make Murphy undesirable in every way.