Sideshow: Accidentally Atlanta

With the high stakes, forward Josh Smith talking trash and physical play on court, it’s been an emotional playoff series thus far for the Milwaukee Bucks and the Atlanta Hawks. So much so that one empowered mother decided to take “Fear the Deer” into her own hands.

The woman, accompanied by her young son, crashed into the side of the Hawks team bus with her white Cadillac at 6th and Highland around 12:30 p.m. Monday, not two blocks from the Bradley Center. Apparently, the bus’ breaks failed (nothing suspicious there, not at all), and the driver was unable to stop before sliding through a corner. The Hawks players were on-board at the time, but no one in the collision was injured. Coincidentally, they went on to lose the game played later that evening.

Hey, it’s great to see passionate Milwaukee sports fans sacrificing their Cadillacs (oh, and their own children’s safety, too, I guess) in the name of supporting the home team. That’s a level of dedication most can only look up to.