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HEALTH CARE VIEWPOINT: Our freedom decreases as government’s power grows

I am opposed to the health care “reform” that has recently become law. There. I said it. Before you go off on me for “hating Americans who don’t have health care,” let me put forward several reasons for which I am opposed to it. I could write several pages, but I’ll limit it to some of the more important points.

First and foremost, this legislation was passed in one of the most corrupt displays of Washington politics that has ever been seen. Politics has a habit of turning even the most well-meaning politicians into the most corrupt bureaucrats, which is a problem that plagues Republicans and democrats alike.

But watching news coverage in the lead up to the vote, it was plain to see that democratic leadership would go to any length and make any bribe necessary to get the votes they needed for the passage of the bill.

My second reason for opposition to the bill is abortion. As a Catholic, I believe that life starts at conception, and therefore abortion is essentially murder. The president providing Rep. Stupak (D-Mich.) with an executive order that would not allow federal money to be spent on abortion to get him to vote for the bill is yet another example of the first point I made regarding the corruption of the process.

The fact is, an executive order does not overturn a federal law, nor does it negate a Supreme Court decision. Even if federal money isn’t used to pay for abortions, an individual would have money available that would have been used for health care to pay for abortions. Abortion, however, is an altogether separate issue.

My third main point of opposition to the health care bill is the involvement of the federal government in the legislation. One major portion of the bill is the requirement that everyone purchase health insurance.

There’s no section within the Constitution that states, “The Congress shall have the power to require all Americans to purchase health insurance,” which ultimately leaves this as a power left to states.

Of course, it would be unwise for an individual to go without insurance, but that’s your choice. Within the past two weeks, several “leaders” on the left, including Harry Reid, Max Bauccus, Howard Dean and others, have made public comments about the bill being a “redistribution of wealth” and “part of a socialist agenda.”

The bill is a reform and entitlement program that kills the American Dream of working hard and keeping what you earn to provide you and your children with a better life than your parents had. What’s the point of working hard if you’ll be handed anything you want by the federal government?

This letter doesn’t even get into the financial implications of the legislation, but I can assure you it would take another page and a half to explain all of the negatives of the legislation.

Call me a fearmonger or a teabagger or any other insult you can come up with, but I’d like to leave you with a quote from one of the Founding Fathers and author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson: “Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. The course of history shows us that as a government grows, liberty decreases.”

Kyle Beczkiewicz is a junior in the College of Engineering.

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