VIEWPOINT: Wisconsin ties to the Winter Olympics

Perhaps columnist Michael Murphy’s lack of enthusiasm for the Winter Olympics stems from an ignorance about many of the sports.

However, you don’t need to intimately understand all of the rules of a given sport to appreciate the athleticism involved.

Nor do you have to participate in the sport to enjoy watching it on TV. I’ve never played water polo, but I can appreciate the athleticism involved and enjoy watching it.

Especially attending school in a winter climate, it’s absurd to assume that no one participates in any of these sports. Marquette has a curling club, so I am guessing at least a few students curl.

Not to mention, the Tribune just published an article on College of Engineering junior Alex Carlson, who will be attending the World Junior Curling Championships.

As far as other sports are concerned, Wisconsin develops many Olympic athletes precisely because Wisconsinites participate in these sports.

In addition, Milwaukee is home to one of only 11 indoor ovals in the world. It has been home to many U.S. Olympic speed skaters, one of whom is Olympic gold medalist Shani Davis. In the most recent Olympic speed skating trials, five current Marquette students competed, myself included, not to mention a handful of Marquette graduates who also competed.

Living in a state that has such strong ties to the Winter Olympics would make the games must-see TV.

And if you feel compelled to try an Olympic sport, stop by the Pettit National Ice Center to try speed skating, figure skating or hockey.

Even if you can’t race around the ice at speeds exceeding 30 mph, you can still learn to skate.

Erica Lanser is a senior in the College of Health Sciences