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Sideshow: Renegades in Red Wing rafters

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Almost a full section of fans were emptied from their seats in the beginning of the third period of Saturday’s NHL game between the Detroit Red Wings and the L.A. Kings when a group of three men somehow climbed into the rafters of Joe Louis Arena.

Two of the men were quickly removed, but a third, overcome by a sudden realization that he was dangling 400-some feet in the air, took a bit of coaxing to get down, much like ex-Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis at a fourth-floor Baskin Robbins with no elevators.

An L.A. Kings TV announcer delivered this gem, as the man clung for dear life: “If he falls, that’s too many men on the ice for Detroit.”

Yeah, and way too many dead men on the ice, as well.

All three were arrested and taken into custody. It is unknown whether alcohol was involved, but I’m going to take a stab at this one: duh.

I must admit that I am envious of these men — nay, geniuses. How did they get up there? Every time I find myself on the 400-level of the Bradley Center, I sigh despairingly at the rafters, wishing that one day I could find a way up there. I’d laugh and play and laugh some more. Then I’d ride one of those t-shirt parachutes down to the floor where I would kiss a supermodel and be given a standing ovation. And then I’d probably get arrested.

One day…

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