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  • May 15BREAKING: Sarah Feldner named dean of College of Communication

Big Brother is watching us

Dominic Tortorice

February 15, 2011

Swiping your Marquette student ID card is becoming second nature for students. Want to get into the library? Swipe your card at the turnstiles. Hungry? Swipe your card for cafeteria access. Heading back home to the dorms? Well...

Tenure: Not just job security

Tori Dykes

December 7, 2010

Many students only discuss tenure when they’re outraged by a particular professor’s continued employment at the university. Tenure often takes the blame, but it is rarely discussed or understood otherwise. Advocates of...

CENTennial of Women

Jisun Yoo

April 15, 2010

A “woman’s place” was once the home, where working as a full-time wife and mother paid to fulfill social norms. However, setting the dinner table and caring for children has become a story of the past as more women pursue ...