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Donald Trump won 279 electoral votes while Hillary Clinton won 228 votes in the 2016 presidential election. Photo via Flickr.

SCHABLIN: It is time to abolish the Electoral College

Kevin Schablin, Opinions Columnist
January 14, 2020
Prominent liberal voices, like Chelsea Clinton, take an a la carte approach to social justice.

BEG: Democratic figures inconsistent

Aminah Beg, Opinions Columnist
March 26, 2019
HARRINGTON: Potential 2020 candidates inspire little confidence

HARRINGTON: Potential 2020 candidates inspire little confidence

Reilly Harrington, Opinions Columnist
October 23, 2018
A visiting professor was recently hosted by the Marquette political science department, delivering a speech and visiting classes.

Professor examines Trump’s adherence to law

Caroline White, News Reporter
April 10, 2018
Ron Johnson. Photo courtesy of

Analysis: Wisconsin politicians in national spotlight after FBI memo controversy

Clara Janzen, Washington Correspondant
February 4, 2018
Donna Brazile, former chairperson of the DNC, recently published a memoir that alleged the DNC primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

HARRINGTON: Clinton cult of personality could be democrats undoing

Reilly Harrington, Opinions Columnist
November 14, 2017
Photo courtesy of Miss Katie's Diner

Dining with the stars

Stephanie Harte, Editor of the Marquette Journal
April 10, 2017
Photo by Amy Elliot-Miesel

MCCARTHY: The case for ‘ranked-choice voting’

Ryan McCarthy, Columnist
December 6, 2016
Columnist Morgan Hughes writes that according to some people's reactions to election results, her father, her childhood hero, cannot possibly be a good person because of his political views that are opposite hers.

HUGHES: People over politics: Election results need not divide us

Morgan Hughes, Columnist
November 15, 2016
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