Marquette Wire

‘How does it feel to be a problem?’

April 10, 2017

"Governments like it that way. They want their people to see war as a drama of opposites, good and evil, 'them' and 'us,' victory or defeat. But war is primarily not about victory or defeat but about death and the infliction of...

Neuroscience research focuses on cocaine addiction

Eric Oliver

May 2, 2013

Drug addicts escape from stress or aversive life effects through drug use, said Robert Wheeler, an assistant professor in the biomedical sciences department, while presenting his research Tuesday in Schroeder Complex. Whe...

Heroin use on the rise in Milwaukee

Nick Biggi

March 19, 2013

Heroin use in the area has increased exponentially over the past year, according to Capt. Anthony Smith, head of the Milwaukee Police Department's narcotics division.  Smith explained these findings at the Milwaukee Common Council's...