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Actor portrays respect

[email protected] October 28, 2003
Even when the school year ends, there is no rest for my brother. He has football camp every summer, which takes place five days a week and lasts up to up to eight hours a day (depending on whether he's in doubles). Knowing how challenging and time...

Organization denied

John Heiderscheidt October 20, 2003
Junior Katy Rose, a member of the group trying to form VOXX, believes Planned Parenthood has been unfairly stigmatized.
"I really feel Planned Parenthood has a negative connotation to it," she said. "Most people view it negatively just because they feel...

Actors worthy of recognition, respect

[email protected] October 13, 2003
I'm not talking about busy schedules this time. I'm talking about pressure. First of all, I believe Mullin takes his many hours in the gym for granted. If an actor actually had time to roam free in the gym all day long, perhaps there wouldn't be as much...

Protests rally people to think

Craig Reinbold October 13, 2003
I remember when I was young (10, 12, 15 years old) watching the evening news with my parents while we prepared dinner. This limited, often biased exposure was my sole source of information on world events. I am sure many youth today find themselves in...

Stop theft simply

Matt Kaminecki October 13, 2003

Kaminecki is a freshman mechaincal engineering major.

Sex proves very complex

[email protected] October 13, 2003
Why is it that we are baby-talking and coddling grown men with a message, which implies that women will fall for men's selfish desires if men only "ask?" What is the message "Asking for consent is sexy" is supposed to tell a man? Does a man have to feel...

China’s flight launches debate on space agency

Bob Mate October 13, 2003
However, Columbia has provided a chance to alter America's focus in space by showing the need for new launch vehicles. NASA spokesman Michael Braukus said that NASA's Orbital Space Plane program is developing a vehicle to carry astronauts back from the...

Advocate of flag’s removal strikes back

Jason Keener October 13, 2003
Aristotle formulated a useful truth. It is called the "principle of non-contradiction." This principle holds that a statement cannot simultaneously be both true and false. For example, nothing can at once both have an attribute like redness and, at the...

Language needs liberation from helotry of like

Marianne Gosz October 8, 2003
The word "like," in its slang form, became a Beatnik buzzword in the 1950s and first caught the attention of linguists in the 1980s after it was popularized by "Valley Girls." For example, it is not uncommon to hear, from females especially, "Like, oh my...

BBQ stokes fires

Megan Bartelt October 8, 2003
To those others of you who consider yourselves Republicans, I will strive to keep in mind that those responsible for this event do not necessarily represent your party nor even your campus organization as a whole. An admonition from you would have much...

Sex on campus shows need for VOX group

[email protected] October 8, 2003
In view of the liberal arts tradition of this university, it is important to keep in mind that values and beliefs are personal choices and that the pursuit of knowledge requires an open mind and as much accurate information as possible. The focus of a...

Athlete wishes he were theater major

[email protected] October 8, 2003
Something I feel Gosz might be overlooking in all of this is that she participates in her extra-curricular activities for her own self-interest: to diversify your resume or to help you out on an application for graduate school, I'm not sure. Something I...
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