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Newer buildings on campus are utilizing more modern architecture.

JOURNAL: Architects and academics: How does inclusivity play into design?

Skyler Chun and Lelah Byron November 17, 2021
Each building on campus has its own circle of life.
Helfaer Theater lacks an elevator for those with disabilities.

JOURNAL: Disabilities & resources

Claire Driscol, Assistant News Editor November 17, 2021
Issues surrounding accessibility on campus continue.
Students should take the time to care for their mental health.

JOURNAL: SCHUELLER: Carrying the New You Through

Jaiden Schueller, Arts and Entertainment Contributing Writer November 17, 2021
It is important to stay connected with ourselves and make sure that we do not lose sight of who we have now grown to be.
The Milwaukee lakefront is a place lots of people gather.

JOURNAL: Gathering places in Milwaukee

Izzy Fonfara Drewel, Arts and Entertainment Reporter November 17, 2021
As a hub for college students and citizens alike, this city is full of great gathering spots for people of every age.
The 707 Hub at Marquette University helps students create their businesses.

JOURNAL: Student-run businesses

Rashad Alexander, Arts and Entertainment Assistant Editor November 17, 2021
Some Marquette students have used these trying times to work on their craft, and with the world being back open, these young business owners are ready to take their products to the next level.
Marquettes Backpack Program offers confidentially supplied groceries and personal care products.

JOURNAL: Food Insecurity

Maria Crenshaw and November 17, 2021
It looks like skipped meals, compromises in the grocery store, sacrifices, extra shifts at work, and trying to focus in class despite not knowing what or where your next meal is.
Dancers preformed at Fiesta de Noche on Sept. 25 to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Night.

JOURNAL: Multicultural perspectives

Skyler Chun, Managing Editor of the Marquette Journal November 17, 2021
As a Hmong American born and raised in Milwaukee, Rachel Yang, a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences, says it can be hard to find her own identity, especially at predominantly white institutions and neighborhoods in the United States. 
Becoming the managing editor of the Marquette Journal has given me the opportunity to share stories that are not only similar to my own, but to also dive deeper into unique stories that are often left untold and to tackle issues that are often left unquestioned. 

Letter from the Editor

Skyler Chun, Managing Editor of the Marquette Journal November 17, 2021
We’ve all spent the better half of the past two years in isolation. But with all the extra time -- and space -- I had to myself, I began to realize this: There was a lot more separating us from one another than just six feet of distance. And there was also so much we shared.
According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Air Quality Monitoring Data, Milwaukee County is among five counties in the state experiencing moderate air quality for health concerns. 

GARNER: Local action key to mitigate global climate change

Alexandra Garner, Executive Opinions Editor November 17, 2021
Addressing climate change takes all of us, one action at a time. 
Declan Fontillas flew out to Los Angeles this past summer to create his first album.

JOURNAL: Inspiration behind the lyrics

Randi Haseman, Arts and Entertainment Executive Editor November 17, 2021
"I didn't like music for a really long time." Fontillas says. "I was one of those people where 'Oh, I don't listen to music, I'm so counter-cultural.'" Then, during his senior English class, more similar to a general art class, the teacher assigned a final project where everyone had to make...something. "'You know what? I'm going to make a little EP,'" Fontillas thought.
People found new ways to connect in a virtual world.

JOURNAL: Finding connection in isolation

Kimberly Cook, Arts and Entertainment Assistant Editor November 17, 2021
By finding new ways to interact, whether that be on Skype, creating bonds through food or discovering a newfound family in the hallways of a university apartment building, the connections we had with each other were far from cut off.
From Water Street to the Deer District, the list of after-dark activities is endless. 

The streets of Milwaukee after dark

Aimee Galaszewski, Executive Director September 10, 2021
Once the sun goes down in the city of Milwaukee, the electric atmosphere begins to emerge. For students at Marquette University, the nightlife is just minutes from campus.
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