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Three students hang out in Cobeen Hall in 1984.
Photo courtesy Department of Special
Collections and University Archives, Raynor Memorial Libraries, Marquette University.

Campus Living

Charlotte Ives, A&E Assistant Editor October 14, 2020
First-year students and sophomores were not required to live in the dorms, though it was highly recommended that they did. 
Ralph Metcalfe sprints while coach Conrad Jennings looks on, circa 1932-36. Photo courtesy Department of Special
Collections and University Archives, Raynor Memorial Libraries, Marquette University.

Setting Records: Marquette’s first Black student athletes broke barriers

Sam Arco, Sports Reporter October 14, 2020
As one of the country's best sprinters, Ralph Metcalfe made change in the African American community through his hard work on the track, in politics and in the community that has still had an impact today.
Fr. John P. Raynor, S.J., served as Marquette's president from 1965 to 1990, the longest tenure of any president in the university's history. Photo courtesy the Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Raynor Memorial Libraries, Marquette University

University Presidents: Marquette’s leaders have left impacts on campus

Grace Dawson, Investigative Reporter October 14, 2020
In his biography on the library website, it is noted that Raynor’s tenure is the longest of any president in Marquette’s history. According to this bio, “more than half of the university's 96,000 living alumni graduated during his presidency.”

A Decade’s Perspective: Alumni reflect on their lives 10 years after graduation

Now a decade since their time at Marquette, members of the university's graduating class of 2010 look back and compare their goals and expectations as seniors to their lives today.
Matthew Choate , News Reporter October 14, 2020

"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" is a common interview question, yet can be extremely difficult to answer. As humans, we often wonder where our lives will take us. We can make plans, but sometimes...

The Avalanche Bar closed permanently on April 24, 1997. Photo courtesy the Department of Special Collections and University Archives, Marquette University Libraries.

Messy Pizza and Messy Nights: Alumni look back fondly at Marquette’s nightlife

Natallie St. Onge, Executive Director October 14, 2020
There were no Campus Town Apartments or fraternities near Wells St. Just bars, food joints and Marquette students looking for a good time.
Marquette football player Ray Buivid jumps to throw a pass in 1936.

A 60-Year Throwback

Bryan Geenen, Sports Reporter October 14, 2020
On Dec. 9, 1960, Rev. Edward J. O’Donnell, S.J. announced the cancelation of football due to the program losing more money than they were bringing in to support the team.
The university built a Marian grotto on the west side of St. Joan of Arc Chapel in 2018.

Jesuit Roots: A look back at Marquette’s Catholic Jesuit foundation

Maria Crenshaw, Investigative Reporter October 14, 2020
The Jesuits decided to establish Marquette when Milwaukee's first archbishop, Rev. John Martin Henni, expressed an interest in founding a Catholic, Jesuit university in the city.
Junior and senior students living in university-owned apartments have the option to be released from their leases if they choose to take their classes fully online.

Paying Rent and Keeping Up

Grace Dawson, Investigative Reporter August 24, 2020

Shutdowns in major industries due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to furloughs and layoffs, leaving people financially insecure. Housing insecurity, as well as issues with renting agreements and paying...

The Helping Hand

Benjamin Wells, Assistant News Editor August 24, 2020
When the COVID-19 outbreak forced Marquette to transition to an online format, student and campus-run volunteer programs had to reassess how to continue their community support. 
Spring semester will begin one week later than normal.

Marquette Wire Stock Photo

KOCH: New solutions needed for students who struggle with mental health

Jenna Koch, Opinions Columnist August 24, 2020
Marquette must adapt a better plan to approach mental health issues among students for the upcoming semester.

Call for Change

Annie Mattea, Managing Editor of the Marquette Tribune August 24, 2020

Stephanie Rivera Berruz, an assistant professor of philosophy, wrote an open letter to Marquette University to address racial injustices in the Marquette community June 17. The same day, Rivera Berruz...

PICKART: Sustainable recovery necessary after the Pandemic

Max Pickart, Opinions Columnist August 24, 2020
Although we have seen massive improvements environmentally, such as an estimated 5% decrease in carbon emissions relative to 2019, there are also immense environmental consequences due to the economic setbacks of COVID-19. 
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