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Hard to Define

Hard to Define

Lelah Byron, Projects Reporter March 20, 2019
Yarbrough was raised in a middle-class, two-person-income family. She was never forced to endure traumatic experiences inside her own home. She had the trendiest fashion and the newest toys. She did, however, lack one thing: a feeling of acceptance. 
Theaters and Truck Stops

Theaters and Truck Stops

Jenny Whidden and Claire Hyman March 20, 2019
Though organization vary in how they fight human trafficking, addressing misconceptions and raising awareness are shared goals.
Sweeping the Nation: Efforts Take Root

Sweeping the Nation: Efforts Take Root

Matthew Martinez and Clara Janzen March 20, 2019
Operation Cross Country is a four day undertaking, where law enforcement sweeps cities in areas known to have trafficking problems and make substantial arrests. In 2017, the operation led to the recovery of 84 sexually exploited juveniles and the arrest of 120 traffickers nationwide. Of the 120 arrests, 82 were in Wisconsin.

Helfaer Theatre lacks accessibility for people with disabilities

Claire Hyman, Investigative Reporter November 27, 2018

“It’s something that most of us don’t think about."  Stephen Hudson-Mairet said a person without a disability is often unaware that a building is inaccessible until it is brought to his or her...

Health care remains obstacle for transgender community

Health care remains obstacle for transgender community

Lelah Byron, Projects Reporter November 27, 2018

“Is today real? Is today happening?” When Mac Fowler gave himself his first shot of testosterone, he said he felt lightheaded with joy. He couldn’t stop smiling all the way back to the clinic...

Universities differ on contraceptive policies

Caroline White, Projects Reporter November 13, 2018
Many Catholic schools either don’t prescribe birth control at all, or they prescribe it only for non-contraceptive purposes. Marquette is among the latter and will only prescribe birth control for other health reasons.
Gerrymandering explained: Wisconsins court case serves as reference for partisan concerns

Gerrymandering explained: Wisconsin’s court case serves as reference for partisan concerns

Matthew Martinez, Assistant Projects Editor October 30, 2018

In fall 2017, a group of Democrats from Wisconsin took a case to the U.S. Supreme Court accusing the Republican-controlled state legislature of gerrymandering. The case Gill v. Whitford was sent back to...

Writer Morgan Hughes poses with her family in 2010. Photo courtesy of Morgan Hughes.

I didn’t report my rapist. I never will.

Morgan Hughes, Executive Projects Editor October 9, 2018
Maybe if you understand me as I am now and who I was then, you will better understand the boy who raped me, the reasons I never reported him for it and the reasons I still have no intention to.
What it feels like to be sexually assaulted

What it feels like to be sexually assaulted

April 15, 2018

What it feels like to be sexually assaulted, as told by an anonymous sexual assault survivor.  This summer, my life changed. I don’t mean an existential, “Eat Pray Love,” "Walden" kind of change....

Rev. Jessica Short said LCM has struggled regarding communication with the Campus Ministry office.

LCM, Campus Ministry face disagreement over glitter ashes

Alex Groth, Assistant Projects Editor March 20, 2018
Campus Ministry and Lutheran Campus Ministry have been in discussion after LCM distributed glitter ashes supporting the LGBTQ community. Campus Ministry does not support the act, and LCM is considering creating a separate organization.
About 3 percent of men are sexually assaulted in their lifetime, according to RAINN. Photo courtesy of Marquette Wire photography staff. DISCLAIMER: The man featured is a model depicting a victim of sexual assault. He is not necessarily a sexual assault victim.

Underreporting among males likely due to gender-based stigma

Matthew Martinez, Projects Reporter February 27, 2018
The largely forgotten conversation about male survivors of sexual assault contributes to a lack of reporting of instances and a lack of understanding.
Marquette Theatre presents Student Body.

Marquette Theatre: Student Body Preview

Nathan Desutter, Assistant A&E Editor February 15, 2018
The show has nine dates, debuting on Thursday, Feb. 15 and ending on Sunday, Feb. 25. In addition, after each performance, the cast alongside local community experts will host a forum with audience members to create a productive dialogue regarding sexual assault prevention.
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