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A New Option for Eating

We’re college students. We live to eat. Am I right? If I am not, please disregard this embarrassing post where I publicly admit how much I look forward to my mealtimes.

However, my enthusiasm dissipates when I become a little too familiar with the menu.

Let my rant ensue… I am tired of the Straz stir fry that resembled delicious at the beginning of the year. Fed up with mushy Schroeder entrees. Annoyed with the AMU’s same tired options. Don’t even get me started on Mashuda.

I promise there is a point to this post and it’s not just me complaining.

The fact is, Marquette students have it pretty good. For freshmen and sophomores, the anytime meal plan allows us to eat whenever we want.  This is the point where you mention America’s obesity epidemic and ask me why this is a good thing.

Let me give you this little scenario. Just the other day, I ate two bite of some Schroeder pasta, deemed the meal inedible, and proceeded to take a detour at McCormick. Some other universities’ meal plans would not allow this. There is absolutely no shame in having over three meals a day when some of the food sucks. Oh, and the fact that we’re paying $3,720 for a year of this.

I know that it may seem counterintuitive to suggest a place that is not included in the meal plan, especially when we pay almost $4,000 for the delicacies we deem “dorm food.” However, there comes a time when you are just willing to shell out that extra cash in exchange for… what’s that stuff called again… oh yeah, food.

Here’s my suggestion. Tory Hill Cafe in the law library has a large menu that you can easily modify by request. It’s also a great place to squeeze in some midterm studying or last-minute note-taking. I think there’s just something about the law school. Maybe it’s because I’ve always planned on eventually studying law but I take my work waaay more seriously when I’m in Eckstein.

Here’s a list of the menu options. Cue the drooling…



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