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Bigger Picture: Student Depression and Anxiety

Students experience a wide range of emotions during their four years of college. Sometimes these emotions cannot be controlled and can take a turn for the worse, making depression and anxiety a serious concern among universities across the country.

“Coming to college is stressful because people have to build a new life, make new friends, be independent and make important choices,” said Nicholas Jenkins, Mental Health Advocacy Coordinator at Marquette’s Counseling Center . “Anxiety and depression are two of the most common issues that lead students to the counseling center.”

According to a study done by the Marquette Counseling Center, 42.1 percent of college students reported feeling so depressed within the last 12 months that it was difficult to function. But there is something these students can do to rid these feelings.

“Effective self-care is a significant step that a person can take to help with depressive or anxious symptoms,” wrote Jenkins. “There are several steps student’s can take to help them address the issue of their depression or anxiety.”

  • Eating healthy foods and well-balanced meals can significantly improve a person’s mood.
  • Exercising three to five times a week has shown to decrease anxiety levels and creates a better mood.
  • Sleep! The shortest part of most college student’s lives, yet it is one of the most effective way to lessen stress.
  • Avoid alcohol and substance use when feeling anxious or depressed. Numbing the pain will only make it hurt worse once you feel it again.
  • Having an effective schedule where you have time allocated for academics and time allocated for activities that help you relax and connect with people also diminishes depression and anxiety.
  • Lastly, talking out your problems to a trusted friend or family member is the most effective way to feel better about your situation.

In addition to pricate sessions, The Counseling Center provides group counseling, and new “Happiness Groups” for students who are simply looking increase their sense of happiness.

Anxiety and depression can become a cause of concern if it deepens to a level of commonality, and it is important to reach out for help when signs of depression and anxiety first appear.

“I encourage all people who are concerned with themselves, friends, or family members to contact us immediately. We’re here to help,” said Jenkins.

Marquette Counseling Center

Location: 1324 Wisconsin Avenue, Holthusen Hall, room 204.

Hours: 8:30am to 4:30pm with a 24-hour crisis services. After 4:30pm, students can contact Public Safety at 414-288-6800 to speak to an on-call counselor.

Phone: 414-288-7172



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