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Campus Coffee Wars

The first cup of coffee is the most important. Those first few sips will decide where your next cup will come from, how many cups you will need to get you to 1 p.m., and it will even determine the type of mood you’re in for the rest of the day.

As Marquette students we are lucky enough to be provided with five different brews on campus, but how should we go about determining which is the best?

Below I’ve complied a list of the five different coffee vendors on campus: The Brew, the AMU, Einstein Bros, the Broken Yolk, and Starbucks. Based on price, variety of flavors, popularity, and taste I will leave it to you to determine who has the best coffee on campus. Competitors, get ready to tighten your lids and rip off your cup sleeves, because only one brew will be named Champion!


The Brew

Price: $1.70 (plus tax) for a small, 12 oz cup

Flavors: To be determined by season, but currently features: Harvest Dark Blend, Organic Mexican (mild), Fair Trade (mild), and Decaf.

Popularity: The Brew has multiple locations on campus. Based on convenience, it seems a large majority of students and staff resort to the plain white cups with cardboard sleeves.

Taste: 5 out of 10. Many students complain of The Brew’s locally brewed Stone Creek Coffee as having a “burnt” flavor. As judge, I have to agree. I find myself unable to finish a small cup without gagging on the last few sips.


The AMU (coffee machine located on the island next to soda fountain)

Price: $0.94 (tax included– what a deal!) for a small, 12 oz cup

Flavors: Regular and Decaf

Popularity: Most students are unaware of the AMU’s coffee machine. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, make sure to grab a cup before class. $0.94 is the best deal on campus!

Taste: 3 out of 10. Any coffee you can get by pushing a button automatically brings it down in the rankings. There is not much flavor to this coffee, and with limited blends to choose from the only people resorting to this brew should be the penny pinchers!


Einstein Bagel Bros

Price: $1.89 (plus tax) for a regular, 16 oz cup

Flavors: Currently features: Decaf, Neighborhood Blend, Vanilla hazelnut, and Autumn Roast. Be looking out for their Winter Blend in the coming days.

Popularity: The line in front of Einstein Bagel Bros can stack up 20 people deep during the week. However, there are few people grabbing coffee. If you’re looking for a seasonal flavor, don’t skip out! Einstein’s coffee may be the best-kept secret on campus.

Taste: 9 out of 10. Einstein delivers smooth blends with multitudes of flavor that aren’t washed away the minute you add cream or sugar. Wait until you try it. You’ll see!


Broken Yolk- locally roasting Alterra Coffee

Price: $1.50 (tax included) for a small, 12 oz cup

Flavors: Regular and Decaf

Popularity: On Saturday and Sunday mornings the Broken Yolk is packed. While waiting, many people opt for a fresh cup of Alterra Coffee, but their cups are not seen much around campus. For those of you who pass the Broken Yolk on your walk to class, make sure to consider a cup of Alterra coffee before heading to The Brew.

Taste: 8 out of 10. Milwaukee is famous for Alterra Coffee! Take advantage of it being brewed on campus, and support Marquette’s favorite breakfast joint. It won’t taste as good as a fresh cup from Alterra at the Lake, but for the added convenience it will do.



Price: $1.79 (tax included) for a tall, 12 oz cup

Flavors: Blonde Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, and currently features a Christmas Blend.

Popularity: Marquette students are crazy (as is the rest of the world) about Starbucks! The large variety of flavors and specialty drinks dressed in holiday cups makes Starbucks more than just a coffee joint, it’s a fashion statement.

Taste: 7 out of 10. Some people may be shocked when they see Starbucks ranking in a low 7 out of 10, but keep in mind this competition is solely based on drip coffee. Sure their lattes and macchiatos are to die for, but many people complain that Starbucks’ coffee is too dark, and therefore too bitter in taste.


With all five vendors in close proximity to each other, take an opportunity to try a different brew each day this week. My advice is to stay open minded and be a tough judge. Really take in every sip of your steamy cup of heaven, and spend a few minutes determining what you like or dislike about it. You’ll know which cup is the best when you taste it.


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