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Who you’re Bound to Meet on Halloween

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    Yes, that precious time of year has yet again returned. Halloween is only a few days away, and students are rushing to perfect costumes and finalize festivities. The truth is, not much has changed in how we celebrate Halloween since we were little. Sure, the candies turned into drinks and girls’ costumes seem to be losing more and more material every year, but the concept is still the same. Halloween is all about dressing up, being with friends and having an excuse to be absolutely ridiculous. One thing that we can always rely on is the plethora of costumes that will flock the streets of Marquette campus. Here are the people you are bound to meet during the Halloween festivities…


    The Cheap Mummy. 

    Most likely a freshman who is running extremely low on cash and is trying to save some money. So, obviously, they steal all the dorm buildings’ toilet paper and create a free, custom costume that can also come in handy for future use.

    The Party Pooper.

    There is always that one guy who sits in the corner of a party not dressed up and continues to complain about the stupidity behind the holiday. The best way to approach the protestor is to constantly keep telling him how creative his costume is. He obviously dressed up as a muggle from Harry Potter.

    A Sexy ________.

    This one goes for  most girls. Halloween becomes an excuse for girls to wear as little material as possible. Girls can be anything they want and they justify it by putting the word “sexy” before it. You’ll run into a sexy nurse, a sexy angel, and any animal that has ears and tails will be made sexy.

    Obama and Romney

    They might even come as a duo! With the political season reaching its peak and election day right around the corner, you’re bound to run into a couple students dressed as our two presidential candidates. Whether they’re performing a parody of one of the candidates or just showing their support for their upcoming vote, you’re bound to shake hands with one of them.

    A Man in Uniform.

    It seems that the amount of police officers seem to double on the night of October 31. All guys want to know if a girl really does fall for a man in uniform, making it one of the most common costume for guys. You’re bound to run into a couple firemen, a few doctors, and a lot of policemen that will keep you in check in those late hours of the night.


    If you don’t see the entire cast of The Wizard of Oz, you’re still almost guaranteed to run into a couple girls working the ruby red slippers down the yellow brick road, or at least Wells Street.

    A Priest and A Nun.

    There will always be some brave soul who decides to push limits of dressing up, and decides to take on the costume of a priest or nun. Being on a Jesuit campus it may be considered a little risky, but never-the-less you’ll receive a blessing  at some point Halloween night.

    Enjoy all the upcoming festivities, keep an eye out for all these people you’re bound to meet, and have a Happy Halloween!


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