Your #1 Study Buddy: Pandora

With the weight of midterms, essays and homework all on our backs and in need of completion before fall break, it seems that most Marquette students are struggling to find motivation. Lets face it, before that glorious day of Oct. 18 we all have a lot of late nights ahead of us. But there is one important piece that will help you get through those treacherous nights full of flash cards and Starbucks. Yes, we are all thinking the same thing: a good playlist.

Most kids at Marquette are always jamming out to something when working on homework and everyone seems to have their own “go to” station to listen to on Pandora. But some students are still searching for those stations that will help them study until the sun goes down, type until their essays perfect and memorize material as if they are Dr. McDaniel himself. So if you’re one of those students still searching for those hidden gems then look no further. Give some of these stations a chance and use them in the following order.


  1. Mumford and Sons. Mumford and Sons may be the best Pandora Station to start off with or as I call it, the warm up. It consists of some upbeat songs, which leave room for some expected procrastination, but other than that the songs are generally calmer. This will help you to start getting into the mode to study.
  2. 2 Cellos. Now I already know what your thinking, cello music and classical groups are not going to get me in the zone. But what 2 Cello’s music does is give you your favorite hit songs but without lyrics. Lyrics can be the most distracting part especially if you’re reading. This will just give some nice up beat music in the background while you’re hard at work.
  3. Harry Potter. Yes, there is a Harry Potter radio. It consists of the background music of all the Harry Potter films and even goes into music from the Hunger Games and the Lord of The Rings. How can you not at least try this one out? This station may not bring you into the world of Hogwarts, but it will do wonders for you when you’re trying to really get after some of the harder material you have to study.
  4. Mozart. Now I get it, you weren’t born in the 18th century, but the Mozart radio is a must when you’re at your most concentrated moment of studying. Scientist at Stanford University have came up with the Mozart Effect, which explains how listening to Mozart while studying will help with memorization, concentration and most importantly test scores.  Aren’t those the main reasons why any of us study? Mozart is perfect for those last minute crams and when you’re in full study mode.
  5. Beyonce. This is after all the Mozart’s put away and the studying is finally put to an end. Beyonce radio station is your station to listen too when you’re packing up leave and everyone stares at you in amazement and jealousy. Always have a rewarding Pandora Station to listen too when you’re finished. It will make you feel good about you’ve done, and you’ll be dancing out of Raynor Library ready to face any exam that awaits you the next day.