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Tips for the Dreaded Parent’s Weekend

    Believe it or not, we are all already a little over two months into our current year at Marquette. And what’s even scarier, midterms are right around the corner. But before the stress of midterms comes around, some students at Marquette must face another stressful event: Parents weekend.

    Now don’t get me wrong, most students can’t wait to see their families and show them their new lives here in college. But there are a few students, you know who you are, who are slightly nervous about the weekend. Nervous about those awkward explanations of how the hole in the dorm room wall got there and where that mysterious odor in your room is coming from (that you yourself haven’t even found out yet). Some are not ready for the upcoming nagging about laundry and cleaning your dorm room, and most of you are already preparing yourself for the famous “we’re not sending you to college to mess around” speech.

    Yes, parents weekend can be a bit worrisome for some Marquette students, but if you’re looking for a few ways to impress the parents here are a few tips…


    1. Clean your room. Remember that mysterious odor I was mentioning earlier? Find it.  Make your mom proud so that when she walks into your room she smells Febreeze rather than Ramen and Cheetos. Impress the parents by showing them you know how to clean up after yourself.

    2. Clean yourself up. Shave that face of yours. It isn’t no-shave-November quite yet. Shower, brush your teeth, show your parents you have been taking care of yourself as well as the dorm room.

    3. Introduce them to some friends of yours. But be careful on which friends you introduce them too. Let’s be honest, the guy down the hall who usually ends his night at 6 in the morning, may not impress the parents all too much. But still, show them that you’ve branched out and met new good people. It will make them happy knowing you some friends

    4. Show them around. Maybe don’t take them to your nightlife and weekend attractions, but rather walk them through campus. They are more interested in what you do and see everyday than the four walls of your dorm room.

    5. Take your parents out to dinner. Show them your favorite place to eat around campus. You can even try to look like a big shot and offer to pay (even though yo, and your parents know they’re picking up the check). It’s the thought that counts.

    6. Let them know that you’re happy they came. In the end, all that nagging and annoyance is there way of showing that they care and miss you. Let them know you miss them too. Plus, it’s one less meal that’s free and isn’t Easy Mac.




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