Top 5 Speakers to see this Month

With September finally at our backs, we can start moving forward into the anticipating events of October. On Marquette’s campus, October doesn’t just hold the smells of fall and the excitement of Halloween. This month October brings a plethora of speakers to assist, teach and inspire. Here are the top 5 speakers you should go see this month.


1.)     If you’re in the College of Arts and Sciences, share an interest history or just in need to be inspired, then on Oct. 24 head down to Haggerty Museum of Art for the lecture from Elisabeth Subrin. Subrin is an assistant professor of Film and Media Art at Temple University in Philadelphia. Subrin’s award winning work can be found in museums and universities all around the United States. Her works consist of a wide range of photography, film and installation, with genres that range from the history of feminism to the impact of today’s political history. Elisabeth Subrin’s lecture will be one that will bring you into the world of art and leave you inspired for days to come.


2.)     For any future or present day law students, Judge James A. Wynn Jr. will be speaking in Eckstein Hall on Oct. 2. Wynn is a Marquette Law School graduate, who was appointed by President Obama in 2009 to serve the North Carolina Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of North Carolina. Wynn will be discussing his career in law, which consists of working as a public defender, being military trial judge, and of course his work as U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. He will be sharing his expertise with future law students and answering any questions students may have. Do not miss this interesting insight into the career of law.


3.)     For any students in the College of Business or anyone who wants a greater insight into the world of business, John Schlifske is a must see speaker. Schlifske will be on Marquette’s campus at the Alumni Memorial Union giving his lecture entitled “For All Economic Seasons” on Oct. 2 as well. Schlifske is currently a chairman and CEO of Northwestern Mutual and previously worked as president and CEO of Russell Investment Co. Schlifske will be interacting and discussing with Marquette students and faculty on the practical knowledge and insight into the business world, along with issues and practices in business.


4.)     For any student who shares an interest in English, communications, or is just a natural bookworm, clear your schedule for Tim Wise on Oct. 11. Wise, an American activist and writer, will be at the Weasler Auditorium to participate in speaking and answering questions about his book White Like Me, which is an insight on examining white privilege and his conception on racism in America. Wise has spoken at over 600 colleges and universities throughout the U.S. on how to address and handle racism. Now he will be at Marquette University to discuss and answer questions on his book, and will even be staying around for a book signing after his lecture.


5.)     Last but not least, poet Mary Oliver will be coming to Marquette’s campus to not only speak and participate in a poem reading, but also to receive an Honorary Degree from Marquette University. Oliver will be coming Nov. 12, and even though she will not be here in the month of October, she still makes the list because of her legendary success in her writings and poetry, which includes winning the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize. She will also will be participating in a book signing of her, soon to be released, collection of poems entitled A Thousand Mornings. This can’t miss event will be taking place in Alumni Memorial Union in the Monaghan Ballroom.